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Valheim Bosses in Order: How to Summon and Defeat

Valheim Bosses in Order: How to Summon and Defeat

    Last Updated on April 20, 2023

Valheim is praised for the freedom it gives its players, especially when fighting bosses. On top of its deep farming, crafting, and survival gameplay elements, it also has several interesting encounters to boot. Across the world of Valheim’s gorgeous biomes and wonderful vistas are various hostile creatures. None more so than the mythical Viking creatures players are tasked to take down one by one. These creatures, referred to in the game as Valheim Bosses, will test the fortitude of players. 

Defeating them will take a whole lot of preparation, strategic approaches, and extensive knowledge about the game itself. Going gung-ho and blindly charging at them will only lead to wasted hours. Perhaps tons of wasted resources as well! We cannot stress this enough, you need to be informed to take on Valheim Bosses, let alone successfully slay them.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all Valheim Bosses in order. Furthermore, we’ll also list down how each of them can be summoned, where they are located, and how to ultimately defeat them. At the end of it all, we hope to make such encounters more manageable for you.

How Many Valheim Bosses Are There?

As it currently stands, there are six Valheim Bosses you need to take down to officially end the game. These are Eikthyr, The Elder, Bonemass, Moder, Yagluth, and The Queen. Below, we will discuss each of them in more detail. Moreover, we’d inform you about the boss locations, the order they appear, how to summon them, who the final boss of the game is, and how to defeat each.

Valheim Bosses in Order


Eikthyr Model In Game

Eikthyr, the mystical deer, is the first Valheim Boss you’d encounter in the game. This creature casts lightning at will, shocking everyone it comes in contact with. Players should be aware of Eikthyr’s powerful AOE attacks that can easily wipe you and your party out with just a hit. Note that it also has a lot of ranged attacks.

The key to defeating Eikthyr is to ensure that you have a lot of stamina to burn. After all, you’d be moving around constantly to avoid its powerful attacks. Furthermore, having a sturdy shield would help. Just find your spots between Eikthyr’s attacks and you’d be set to go.

Find Eikthyr by interacting with the red runestone at spawn. You can then summon this intimidating deer by placing 2 deer trophies on its Mystical Altar. It can be found in the Meadows and drops Hard Antler after defeat.

The Elder

The Elder Model In Game

The Elder is the stereotypical giant tree-like, humanoid being any fantasy setting seemingly has. As you would expect, he uses his massive arms to swing wildly at players and summons roots from the ground to hinder player movement. On top of that, he can also make fire vines appear and creep toward you.

Defeating The Elder takes patience and concentration. You’d need to keep dodging its attacks and vines. Bringing a lot of healing items as well as becoming careless feels inevitable when facing this giant creature.

Find The Elder by interacting with Runestones in the stone structures and Burial Chambers of the Black Forest. Summoning the boss requires you to place 3 Ancient Seeds in its Mystical Altar. Defeating this boss gives you the Swamp Key which unlocks the Sunken Crypts in the Swamps biome.


Valheim Bosses Bonemass

Bonemass is perhaps Valheim’s most annoying boss encounter. On top of having a large HP pool, this Valheim boss has insane regenerative skills and pestering poison attacks. Ask a hundred Valheim players who their most-hated boss is, and chances are, more than half of them would say Bonemass.

Poison resistance mead and a constant stream of healing items are a requirement when dealing with Bonemass. Apart from that, you just have to be extremely patient and collected. Don’t tilt too much and chip away at its health every time you can.

Bonemass can be found by interacting with Runestones in Sunken Crypts of the Swamp. You need to place 10 Withered Bones on its Mystical Altar to summon it. Defeating this boss gives you the Wishbone item which can be used to find underground treasure.


Valheim Bosses Moder

Moder is a very intimidating Valheim boss, particularly because he is a giant dragon. This powerful black and white dragon creature flies around and uses a myriad of ice attacks. Getting hit by such not only damages you, but also slows you down making you vulnerable to more damaging attacks.

The boss will spend most of her time flying around. That said, make sure you have a lot of arrows at hand. We also recommended bringing poison arrows. It is also a good idea to equip yourself with frost-resistant gear to somehow mitigate his attacks.

You can find Moder by interacting with Runestones in stone structures in the Mountains. Summoning it requires the placement of 3 Dragon Eggs on its Mystical Altar. While certainly annoying, defeating Moder has significant rewards. For instance, you can use Dragon Tears to create the Artisan Table.


Yagluth In Game Model

Yagluth was the previous final boss of Valheim, making him a very formidable boss to defeat. This Valheim boss appears in the form of a glowing colossal skeleton, adding more mystique and intimidation to the encounter. Although Yagluth’s attacks are slow and easily telegraphed, take note that one hit of it can take a huge chunk of your HP. 

Yagluth, as intimidating as he already is, can summon giant burning meteors from the sky. These are fiery large AOE attacks that do devastating damage, if not, can kill you outright.

You can find Yagluth in the Plains by interacting with Runestones around the standing stones. To summon him, you need to place 5 Fuling Totems on his Mystical Altar. Defeating Yagluth rewards you with his Forsaken Power which provides increased resistance against elemental attacks.

The Queen

The Queen Valheim Bosses

The Queen is Valheim’s current final boss. She also has Seekers as her followers to overwhelm you while also doing some attacks of her own. The Queen spews poison at you and slashes wildly her scythe-like giant arms. 

You have to use everything you have learned so far in the game to successfully slay The Queen. Being the final boss of the game, you can bet that she is the toughest encounter you’d ever have. Other than that, there are no special tips or tricks to deal with her.

You can undoubtedly find The Queen in the Mistlands. Summon her by creating a Sealbreaker with nine Sealbreaker Fragments found in the depths of the Infested Mines. Defeating her also grants you increased mining speed and 100% Eitr regeneration. 

That pretty much covers it. As long as you follow everything we detailed above, all Valheim Bosses should bow to your will sooner or later. That said, remember that Valheim only got out of Early Access recently, so a lot of its elements are still subject to immediate change. Nevertheless, we hope this guide helped you. For more articles like this and up-to-date gaming news, be sure to follow our website.

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