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Unveiling Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior’s Weakness: Defeat it and Claim the Blue Greed Seed

Unveiling Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior’s Weakness: Defeat it and Claim the Blue Greed Seed

    Last Updated on June 29, 2023

As beautiful as the world of Persona 5 Royal may be, it can also be treacherous and hostile at times. Players encounter a wide array of formidable Shadows, each presenting unique challenges and requiring careful strategizing to overcome. One such powerful adversary is the Pagan Savior, a Shadow that acts as a guardian within Okumura’s Palace, safeguarding the elusive Blue Greed Seed. In this guide, we will explore Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior’s weaknesses and strenghts. Additionally, we aim to provide detailed strategies on how to defeat it and claim victory.

What is the Pagan Savior?

The Pagan Savior, a menacing presence within Okumura’s Palace, is the embodiment of greed and corruption. By its appearance, the Pagan Savior is Melchizedek in the Persona Compendium. It stands as a significant hurdle, protecting the Blue Greed Seed, a precious treasure that must be obtained to progress through the palace and uncover its secrets. 

This menacing Shadow possesses several unique attack patterns. Thus, making it one of the hardest enemies in the game. It employs powerful physical strikes, strong elemental spells, and even calls upon other Shadows for support during the battle. Overcoming the Pagan Savior requires not only careful strategizing but also taking advantage of its weaknesses effectively.

Where to Find Pagan Savior/The Blue Greed Seed

Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior's Weakness: Blue Greed Seed Location

To find the Blue Greed Seed is to find the Pagan Savior. The Blue Greed Seed is hidden within the Transfer Line area of Okumura’s Palace, adding an extra layer of complexity to the task at hand. To reach it, players must find their way through a complex network of alpha and omega ports, solving puzzles, and overcoming obstacles along the way. Success in obtaining the Blue Greed Seed depends on remaining focused, observing the environment, and progressing effectively.

How to Defeat the Pagan Savior?

Firstly, it’s crucial to ensure that your party members are adequately leveled up and equipped with powerful Personas. Grind in Mementos or explore the higher-level areas of the Metaverse to gain experience and obtain valuable items. Additionally, focus on optimizing your team’s abilities by leveling up their Confidants and acquiring useful skills.

To defeat the Pagan Savior, it is crucial to exploit its vulnerability to ice attacks. Skills such as Bufu or Mabufu, possessed by specific Personas, prove to be highly effective in dealing damage. Preparing your team with Personas that possess these ice skills will enable you to exploit the weakness and gain an advantage in the battle. 

Additionally, focusing on defense is crucial since the Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior can unleash devastating attacks. Equipping your team with accessories that boost defense or provide resistance against the Shadow’s elemental spells is highly recommended. Furthermore, prompt healing and revival of party members are essential to maintain their fighting strength throughout the encounter.

Maintaining a balanced team composition is crucial during the battle. Ensure that you have characters who can fulfill various roles, such as damage dealers, healers, and support. Characters like Joker, Morgana, and Makoto can prove invaluable with their healing abilities and support skills. Utilize buffs and debuffs to increase your party’s strengths while reducing the boss’s effectiveness.

During the battle with the Pagan Savior, prepare for the possibility of it calling forth additional Shadows for support. While it is crucial to focus on damaging the main adversary, prioritizing the elimination of these support Shadows first will reduce the overall threat level. By taking out the reinforcements swiftly, players can gain an edge in the battle and increase their chances of victory.

Pagan Savior in the Mementos

Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior's Weakness: Mementos Encounter

The presence of the Pagan Savior extends beyond Okumura’s Palace. Daring players will encounter this formidable Shadow once again within the depths of Mementos, adding yet another layer of challenge. The Pagan Savior in Mementos exhibits the same weaknesses and attack patterns as its appearance in Okumura’s Palace. Therefore, it is essential to equip Joker with Personas that have Bufu or Mabufu skills to maximize the efficiency of your attacks. 

The battle strategy against the Pagan Savior in Mementos should mirror that of Okumura’s Palace, focusing on defense, exploiting weaknesses, and prioritizing the elimination of any support Shadows that may appear. Adhering to these tactics will increase your chances of success and allow you to conquer the Pagan Savior once again.

Final Words

In conclusion, the Pagan Savior represents a formidable challenge within both Okumura’s Palace and the depths of Mementos. Understanding Persona 5 Royal Pagan Savior’s weakness and employing effective strategies are key to overcoming this powerful Shadow. Exploiting its vulnerability to ice attacks, prioritizing defense, and swiftly eliminating support Shadows are vital tactics to come out as the victor. 

By following these approaches, players can conquer the Pagan Savior, claim the Blue Greed Seed, and continue their journey through the captivating world of Persona 5 Royal. Remember to remain observant, adapt your tactics as necessary, and utilize the weaknesses of the Pagan Savior to your advantage. By doing so, victory against this menacing foe is within your reach.

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