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Tricks on How to Boost Your Mobile Gaming Experience

Tricks on How to Boost Your Mobile Gaming Experience

    Last Updated on December 25, 2022

Mobile Phones of today are much more accessible. This makes them the in-demand use of people, especially gamers.  Many mobile phones have been tweaked to reach a certain potential to give satisfaction to their users.

If you own a smartphone and you love playing games, you know how important being good at video games is. Some people tell you that practice makes perfect, but what if we tell you that there are things other than practice that might help you boost your mobile gaming experience?

Get ready to read and take notes because here are tips on how to improve your mobile gaming experience.

Enable DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode.

Getting a message or a notification—or, even worse, a call in the middle of a game—could make you mad. Well, mobile phones of today have built-in DND modes. This mode enables your phone to not receive unwanted messages, calls, and notifications so that from the name itself, it will not “disturb” you.

You can enable DND mode by going to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb. There, you’ll have different options for which third-party apps and their notifications you don’t want to bother you. You also have an exception button where you may choose the messages or calls that are only important to go through.

Mobile Gaming Tips: Reduce running background apps.

Our phones can multitask, but that doesn’t mean we should run multiple apps. Mobile phone processors are not like PC processors; they can run beautiful, heavy games and run multiple apps, but they also consume a lot of power.

That means it decreases the phone’s performance, so before playing a game, you should always check if there are running background apps and clear them. How do you do it?

Simply press the multi-window icon at the bottom of the screen and tap the “clear apps” icon to remove all background apps from an Android phone. On an iPhone or iPad, you can manually close background apps by swiping them upwards by double-tapping the home button or (for iPhone X series models) by swiping up to the right.

Mobile Gaming Tips: Playing on a wider or larger screen

A lot of phones support screen mirroring, and if yours can, you’re in for a new gaming experience. Screen mirroring allows you to mirror your phone screen onto your smart TV; this feature is available on all smartphones, both Android and iOS. The Wireless Display option should be available in the Display or Wireless Settings tab of the Settings app for Android users. Pair your phone with your smart TV, and you are good to go. 

Swiping down from the right corner of the screen on an iPhone or iPad will reveal the Control Center. Tap on the screen mirroring icon to start pairing. Keep in mind that to use mirroring, your television must support Apple TV or AirPlay.

Mobile Gaming Tips: Customizing game controls give you an edge.

Every gamer has a preference that they would always input into every game. Even when you don’t notice it, sometimes our preferences help us master every game. 

Game developers offer players a user-friendly experience by allowing players to fully customize their settings for the most suitable playstyle. 

This includes movement pad placement, size, opacity, and many other game features that developers set as defaults. Any player will have the freedom to customize it and find the most comfortable set-up for them.

These were the tips on how to improve your mobile gaming experience, we hope you liked the article and if you do, check out some of our other articles on our website

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