Top Valorant Agents to Use if you Want to Win at Haven

Top Valorant Agents to Use if you Want to Win at Haven

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Valorant is a Tactical FPS game wherein you can pick from a diverse range of Top Valorant Agents. Each agent has their own unique abilities and strengths, which can heavily impact the game. 

Haven is one of the most popular maps in Valorant. It features a large, open space that requires players to use strategic positioning and teamwork to win.

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In this article, we will take a look at some of the top Valorant agents for Haven. We will aslo explore how their abilities can help you dominate the competition.

1. Jett

Image of Jett

Jett is probably the most popular agent in Valorant. Anyone who plays Valorant fears the enemy Jett, whether the enemy wields an Operator or her blades. Jett’s mobility, smokes, and ultimate is extremely valuable for any team. 

Her dash is a powerful tool for dashing straight into the site with the smokes to help her make a safe entry. Her updraft lets her play multiple angles with the ability to hold weird angles due to verticality. Lastly, her ultimate is a great way to stabilize the economic situations wherein your team lacks the creds to buy a gun. 

2. Sova

Image of Sova

Sova is a versatile agent that can be particularly effective in Haven due to his scouting abilities. You can use his recon bolt to reveal enemy positions, while his Owl Drone is used to scout out areas of the map that are difficult to access. 

Additionally, Sova’s ultimate ability, Hunter’s Fury, can take out multiple enemies at once from range. All of Sova’s utilities make him a powerful force to be reckoned with on this map.

3. Cypher

Image of Cypher

The prime sentinel to hold down Haven is Cypher due to his ability to set up traps and collect valuable intel. His ability to place tripwires and spy cameras can detect enemy movements and alert your team to potential threats. 

Additionally, his ultimate ability, Neural Theft, reveals the locations of all enemies on the map. This ability provides valuable intel that your team can use to gain a strategic advantage.

4. KAY/O

Image of KAY/O

The robot Agent is VALORANT’s most well-rounded Iniatior. KAY/O’s abilities mirror many of the traditional FPS tools like flash bangs and sticky grenades.

KAY/O’s toolkit is perfect for tight quarters and various chokepoints throughout Haven. The one knock on the robot from the future was that playing him came with a steep difficulty curve. But his utilities can cancel out the enemy’s abilities so that is a great tool to have in any sort of scenario. 

5. Omen

Image of Omen

Omen is a versatile agent that is particularly effective in Haven due to his teleportation abilities, and flexible smokes. His Shadow Walk ability can be used to teleport to hard-to-reach areas of the map. while his ultimate ability, From the Shadows, can be used to teleport to any location on the map. 

Additionally, you can use Omen’s Paranoia ability to blind enemies and disorient them. It also makes it easier to take them out and create more space for your team.

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