Top 3 Best Valorant Stat Trackers

Top 3 Best Valorant Stat Trackers

    Last Updated on February 22, 2023

In highly competitive games, stat trackers are important to let you know what you need to work on. Valorant is no exemption to this so Valorant Stat Trackers are in high demand. 

While Riot does not have any official stat trackers for the game, there are multiple third-party stat trackers out there that does the job and more. They account for your win rate, k/da ratio, headshot percentage, map win rate, etc. 

You can account for almost everything in the game on these stat trackers. Some of these trackers even have a Valorant Tracker App for your convenience. Nifty, right? With these trackers, you can get more information on how to improve your game and ultimately win more often.

Without further ado, let us start listing out the Top 3 Best Valorant Stat Trackers you can use at your convenience. Take note that all of these trackers require you to link your Riot account.


Tracker.GG is one of the premier stat trackers for Valorant, and it also supports multiple other games. This stat tracker is what I use personally due to its convenience, stat-tracking capability, and usefulness. You can use this stat tracker on their website or you can download their apps. 


  • Tracks and displays important stats
  • Has a Mobile App
  • The site also includes plenty of guides, crosshairs, lineups, etc.
  • Even more, the has plenty of other games as well
  • Very popular so lots of players are tracked


  • The site layout is very busy and hard to read sometimes
  • Has some premium-locked features (The main stat tracker is free,) gives you all of the stats you expect which are K/D, win percentage on each agent and your match history. It goes above and beyond, though, and also tells you how you perform with each weapon. It tells you your headshot percentage with each gun, which maps you play best on, and a plethora of other stats.


Stat Trackers for Valorant


  • Tracks all of the necessary stats
  • Nice, simple, easy-to-read layout
  • Has a Windows App


  • Stats aren’t quite as in-depth as
  • Only a stat tracker 

It shows all of the most important stats like win rate, KDA, headshot percentage, individual gun performance, etc. However, it does not show quite as many stats as does. 

If you just want a quick rundown of your performance, then is perfect. As always, you will need to connect your Riot account to Blitz if you want to see your stats. This will make your stats available publicly as well, but that is just how Riot has everything set up.

3. Valorant Stat Tracker


  • Very clean UI
  • Easy-to-use and beginner friendly
  • Lots of extra information about the Meta as a whole 


  • Limited stats and analysis
  • Missing map win rate

If you just want a quick overview of your stats, then is one of the best options. Its UI is extremely clean and simple. It is super easy to find the information you want, and there are not too many extra things overwhelming your screen.

This is the best option for getting a quick glance at your stats without diving into extra details and analytics. If you liked this article, you can head over to our website to read more. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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