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Tips to Survive The Division 2 Dark Zone

Tips to Survive The Division 2 Dark Zone

    Last Updated on June 1, 2023

The Division 2 Dark Zone is a PvPvE area inside the game. It’s also an area where players can go alone or in groups to find and loot high-tier gear and weapons. However, the Dark Zone is one of the most riskiest places to go scavenging around. After all, you can find the best loot in the game but you’ll have to watch your back.

If you want to access the Division 2 Dark Zone, you’ll have to talk to Senait Ezera. Keep in mind that you must be at least level 10 while also having completed three Settlement Projects. You’ll have to grind and keep working at it if you want to enter the DZ as soon as possible.

What Happens Inside The Division 2Dark Zone?

After you completed the settlement projects for The Theatre, you must do some recon. You also have to go to the White House and talk to Senait Ezera again. After that, all you have to do is go to a Dark Zone entrance and unlock the area.

Once you get inside, it will be a whole new frontier full of enemies and top-tier loot. However, it now boils down to the determining options: gatherer or hunter. After all, the Dark Zone is home to some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Anyone would be willing to do anything to own them.

You must choose to either work with random players or attack them while they have the loot. Once you attack another player or their squad, you will become a Rogue. Rogues instantly also become highlighted on the map for everyone in the Dark Zone to see. Even more, with a large target on your back, anyone can attack you without penalty — both players and AI.

If you die in the Dark Zone, you will lose all of your Contaminated Loot & Weapons. Any loot or weapon you collect inside the Dark Zone is contaminated with the Virus. If you want to make it out with your loot, you must reach an extraction helicopter.

However, the extraction helicopter will take a few moments before it arrives in the Dark Zone. In those few moments, you must survive. After all, you will drop and lose everything you collected if you die.

Tips to Survive the Dark Zone

Division 2 Dark Zone

The Division 2 Dark Zone is a dangerous place. However, it is also where you can find the most high-tier loot. Here are a few tips and tricks to survive the DZ, while making it out alive.

  • You Must Check the Map. As we said earlier, the Dark Zone is a PvPvE area. It has possible enemies lurking around every corner. If you see any players, make a mental note of where they are on the map. You can either become friends with them or go in the opposite direction. However, be sure to also check for Rogues in the area. Their goal is to kill anyone with loot.
  • Play With a Squad. No man is an island. Plus, you can’t look in every direction. It pays to have a squad that can help maintain a tight formation. Your squadmates can also provide cover for you during combat. However, make sure everyone can get out alive.
  • Do Not Trust Anyone. Okay, this one might be a bit too dark. However, it is also a fact once you’re inside the Dark Zone. You must always prepare to fight and escape once you enter the area. It also pays to have a good skill build that you can use solo or agreed upon as a squad.
  • Run. Prolonged firefights in the Dark Zone are a nightmare. Everyone can hear you, and everyone can see who’s shooting who.
  • DO NOT GO ROGUE. Yes, you can always become a Rogue if you want to. However, you must ask yourself if you’re prepared to have a target on your back.

If you follow these tips, especially checking your map frequently, you can survive the Division 2 Dark Zone. It also pays to modify your weapons with the best Mods in The Division 2. After all, you must always prepare to fight off some Rogues. Now, go out there and find some high-tier loot.

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