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The New Abaddon Dota 2 Carry Build

The New Abaddon Dota 2 Carry Build

    Last Updated on March 23, 2023

The Abaddon Dota 2 build is slowly becoming popular. Patch 7.32e brought changes to the game, deemed too little by the community. When new things get introduced, players are quick to theory craft and test. It is through the tireless work of these wizards that mainstream metas are solidified. 

These metas are defined by certain heroes and items that occupy pub and pro space. Examples of these metas are the Razor Bloodstone and the safe lane Lina metas.

In the safe lane meta discussion, a new hot safe lane hero is on the block. For a long time, Abaddon saw little involvement in mainstream games and pro matches. It was during 7.32e that Incefrog reduced Abaddon’s base attack time, making him hit faster. 

On top of that, Icefrog also introduced a price reduction to Sacred Relic, making its upgrades cheaper. These two changes were enough to make Abaddon resurge as 7.32e’s newest unconventional carry, but how?

Radiant Mist

Abaddon is a strength hero that specializes in countering damage and healing allies. In a vacuum, these are great, but some heroes do it better since Abaddon is a traditional support. 

But as a carry, his strengths are put on hold for his minor ability to disable single targets in combat. An inherent disable is better than none, and Abaddon does two in one, Slow and Silence. Match him with attack speed, and you successfully created an Abaddon Dota 2 carry.

This new carry technology makes spellcasters shiver because of his passive works on their illusions. What the build needs are a stun, and everything falls into perfect harmony. With Sacred Relic cheaper, Abaddon with a first item Radiance pickup makes him shine, literally. 

It alleviates his damage and creates a need to build items that go through evasion. Radiance also gives AoE tick damage, making Abaddon farm faster than usual.

What to Consider for the Abaddon Dota 2 Build

Image of Abaddon Dota 2 Cosmetics

This carry build is different from other carry builds of this meta. Abaddon still builds phase boots more than power treads, due to the attack speed component of his passive. The idea of the build is to overwhelm the enemy with a near-instant silence and pummel them.

Abaddon’s passive takes 4 hits to trigger silence, but he’s a melee hero. He then requires the ability to jump the target and unleash silent freeze.

For these problems, carry Abaddon picks up Manta Style and Blink Dagger, and he can flash silence any target. Abaddon’s next counter is Force Staff, which ruins his straightforward silence combo. 

The solution is Nullifier, making his melee threat clear and dangerous. Break and Silence won’t be an issue anymore, as BKB becomes a staple item to carry. Anything after these items is game dependent, like Basher, AC, or even Bloodthorn and Aghanim’s.

Players all over the world are now on watch, as Abaddon takes a powerful stride toward carry. You can only watch your core melt as Abaddon and his manta can run anyone down. Get your Aghs shards and build your damage, because the Abaddon Dota 2 carry build is here while we wait for the 7.33 patch.

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