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The Controversial Dota 2 Block of Cheese: Worth it or Not?

The Controversial Dota 2 Block of Cheese: Worth it or Not?

    Last Updated on July 21, 2023

The recent Dota 2 update, known as New Frontiers, has brought some thrilling changes to the game. Among these exciting additions are the Lotus Pools, where you can find Healing Lotuses that give you HP and Mana. However, one item in particular, the Block of Cheese, has sparked quite a debate within the Dota 2 community. It’s a special item you can get by combining Greater Healing Lotuses with Roshan’s Cheese. But is it really worth the effort? Let’s dive deeper into the world of Dota 2 and explore the Block of Cheese.

Healing Lotuses and the Block of Cheese

Healing Lotuses have become a crucial objective for players in Dota 2. By combining three of these Lotuses, players can obtain a higher-tier version with even better healing capabilities. These precious Lotuses appear every 3 minutes in the Lotus Pools, making them both an opportunity and a challenge to obtain. However, you’ll have to strategize and put in some effort, as enemies also vie for these valuable items.

Healing Lotuses and the Block of Cheese

Now, let’s talk about the Dota 2 Block of Cheese. It’s an item that players really want to get their hands on. To obtain it, you need to combine three Greater Healing Lotuses with Roshan’s Cheese. It offers a strong 500 all-damage shield that regenerates quickly. That makes it handy for dealing with creeps and towers. But there’s a catch – when it comes to facing enemy heroes, it’s not as effective due to damage interruption and a 5-second regen delay. Even the well-known professional player, Arteezy, isn’t entirely happy with the Block of Cheese because of these limitations and the trade-offs it involves.

Dota 2 Block of Cheese: Is it Worth it?

The Block of Cheese has faced a lot of scrutiny from players questioning its worth compared to its alternatives. Yes, the 500 all-damage shield might sound appealing at first. However, it can’t hold a candle to the incredible restoration burst that regular Cheese provides. Regular Cheese has been a lifeline for heroes in tough situations, quickly healing them and getting them back into the fray. The Block of Cheese, on the other hand, lacks those additional restorative benefits.

One of the biggest flaws of the Block of Cheese becomes evident when facing enemy heroes. Any damage taken by the hero interrupts the shield’s regeneration process, leaving them vulnerable. Even though the shield returns after 5 seconds, it can be a crucial moment where the hero is at risk of further attacks. This weakness greatly reduces the Block of Cheese’s effectiveness in prolonged battles against enemy heroes.

Dota 2 Block of Cheese: Worth it or Not?

However, it’s important to mention that the Block of Cheese might still be useful in certain situations and for specific hero roles. For support heroes, who prioritize survivability and protecting their teammates, the 500 all-damage shield could offer additional protection. This might help support players endure more damage and carry out their supportive duties effectively, especially in crucial team fights or defensive actions.

Yet, despite its potential niche role, the overall consensus among players is that the Block of Cheese falls short of expectations. The effort required to obtain three Greater Healing Lotuses and Roshan’s Cheese is quite substantial. And the reward doesn’t always justify the investment. Many players have expressed their disappointment with the Block of Cheese, pointing out its lackluster performance and the sacrifice of the powerful restoration burst provided by regular Cheese.

The Future of Dota 2 Block of Cheese

To address the players’ dissatisfaction, the game’s developer, Icefrog, may consider making dynamic changes to improve the Block of Cheese. The ever-evolving nature of Dota 2 allows for adjustments and enhancements to items and mechanics. We’ll have to wait and see if Icefrog will take the players’ concerns into account. Will he make the Block of Cheese more appealing? Perhaps make it better aligned with the current state of Dota 2.


The Block of Cheese has unquestionably caused a stir in the Dota 2 community. Its limitations and trade-offs have led many players to question its true value. As the game keeps evolving, it’s crucial to explore and experiment with new additions like the Block of Cheese. Only time will reveal whether this item will undergo significant changes or if players will find new strategies to make it an indispensable part of their gameplay. In the ever-changing world of Dota 2, only the most adaptable and resilient items can truly stand the test of time.

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