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The Best Support in 7.32d: All Eyes on Rubick

The Best Support in 7.32d: All Eyes on Rubick

    Last Updated on February 8, 2023

Who is the best support in 7.32d? The answer is Rubick. Rubick is the most picked hero of the DPC Winter Tour. He is most picked in every competitive region except North America. The leading in hero picks is Treant Protector in NA, by one game ahead of Rubick, still. A spell caster whose strength is the spells of others, how did he manage to reach top status again? Before that, let us find out who Rubick is, and what his gimmick is.

Rubick, The Grand Magus

In the lore, Rubick is the son of Aghanim. He lived in the shadow of his father ever since. Though he made many tries to surpass him, he has yet to do so. He had learned many things, and all magic seemed predictable to him. Bored, he announced the intention of killing a magus. You can use this as the main way to ascend the ranks as a wizard.

The ensuing battle revealed Rubick’s prowess. Reading every spell, he turned them back at the opponents. This ability also caused his enemies to turn against themselves until he was the only one left standing. With no objections, he ascended and became the Grand Magus.

Patch History and Changes Until 7.32d

In the recent patches and updates, Rubick received minor buffs. At present time, the patch bumped up all of Rubick’s stats. His damage went up by 3, alongside his armor by 1. Though his fade bolt’s bounce damage was cut, he received great reworks as compensation.

7.31 made his scepter steal 2 spells instead of 1. 7.28 gave him a natural save with his Shard, making him lift allies with his Telekinesis. It was also in this patch that Rubick was given a cast range bonus in his 3rd skill, switching out the debuff duration.

On talents, his level 10 gives his Q landing damage or his W more damage reduction. Patch 7.30 removed his attack damage talent and replaced it with a 25% less cooldown for stolen spells. His level 20 gives more landing distance for Q or a lesser cooldown for his W.

At level 25, he’s unchanged, but they give powerful buffs either way. A 40% spell amp for stolen spells, or a large reduction to telekinesis cooldown are situational powerhouses.

Defending and Attacking as the Best Support in 7.32d

Rubick is a hero whose main objective is to steal key spells and augment the team with his utility and burst potential. That’s also what makes him the best support in 7.32d. His ultimate makes him fit any role the enemy team is willing to give him.

Paired with his E, Rubick can initiate ganks or finish off enemies from distance, which applies to stolen spells. Adding Aether Lens makes him even safer and more ridiculous to fight against. Aghanim’s Scepter adds another layer of challenge to face off against the spell stealer. With two spells, Rubick increases the potential combos he can have in a game.

Here are items essential to Rubick’s kit. Scepter and Shard can upgrade stolen spells as applicable. Any item that benefits from cast range is great on him, like Scythe of Vyse. As a backline, defensive items like Aeon Disk and Eul’s can make him last longer in fights. However, the blink dagger is Rubick’s mojo. He stands to benefit the most from the item with his E, making his reach better than most blink initiators. 

Why Rubick is the Best Support in 7.32d?

Rubick isn’t the Grand Magus for just any reason. You can cast any abilities used by Rubick quicker than the original hero casting them. It’s also what makes him the best support in 7.32d.

If a spell has a cast point above 0.15 seconds, Rubick’s abilities reduce them to 0.15, save for some exceptions. Spells MK ult and SF ult are imbalanced with a .15 cast point, so they will remain as is. 

When stealing Morph’s Morph, shift to Agility AT YOUR OWN RISK. Dying means losing the stolen Attribute Shift spell, so you will respawn with lesser health. Always be aware of what spells are good for you and your team.

He is the reason Lina pickers today never skill use W because it is too good on Rubick. Wave-clearing spells are great, and of course, the team fighting spells like Ravage and Black Hole.

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