The Best Agents for Ascent in Valorant

The Best Agents for Ascent in Valorant

    Last Updated on February 27, 2023

Ascent is one of the OG maps of Valorant, making it one of the oldest maps in the game. Due to its old age in the map rotation, players have figured out the Best Agents for Ascent. For those of you still wondering who those agents are, then this article is for you.

Apart from needing good aim and all of the attributes that good Valorant players possess, Ascent is one of those maps on which drafting is crucial. 

Having a good team comp is necessary for success on any map but especially on this one. You have to know the Best Agent on Ascent if you want a higher chance of winning.

Without further ado, let us start listing out the Best Valorant Agents for Ascent. 

Image of Attacker Spawn in Ascent


Astra is one of the premier Controllers in the game. She is the go-to choice for a controller on any map not named Icebox or Breeze, where Viper takes over. In any elo of Valorant, you can never go wrong with Astra as your controller. 

Her global map presence holds a lot of value, especially with smoke orbs that last a lot of time, which enables other agents to collect more information. Her defensive utility goes on full display on this map with two strong CC abilities and an Ultimate that can completely change a round.


With her being a mobile and fast entry fragger, Raze is a natural counter to a defensively structured map like Ascent. Her explosive entrances are necessary for entering a site stacked with controllers, and her Satchel is a great tool for that purpose.

Although nerfed, her BoomBot can still give valuable information to help determine the placement of her enemies. Raze’s grenades are also a valuable utility to clear out the nooks and crannies of Ascent. 


She is one of the best at defending the lane on the B site, due to the insane amounts of utility and damages her abilities have. With proper placement, you can slow down the enemies’ push anywhere. 

Her ultimate can cover the entirety of both sites while being placed safely, and she can do all of this on her own. Killjoy is certainly the premier sentinel who can dominate Ascent. She;’s also one of the best agents to use in a solo queue.


With the map having some of the longest sightlines in the game, Jett is extremely deadly in Ascent. With Jett’s mobility, a Jett defending with an Operator can easily take over the game. 

Allowing her to play in open areas where she can free fire is deadly. Even more with her dash alone that gives her a ton of options for aggressive defender angles

On attack, rushing sites with smokes and making the most of bad situations are the trademarks of Jett. With her ultimate among the strongest in the game, a skilled Jett player can easily take over Ascent.


It should come as no surprise that Sova is probably one of the best agents for Ascent. Apart from the crazy amounts of utility and information gathering he provides. Another reason for Sova being so dominant on Ascent is the walls.

Most of the time when you spot your enemies, you can shoot them through a wall before they have time to react. Additionally, the angles on the entrances to the spike sites are so favorable to his Recon Bolt that he can almost clear the entire site with proper placement.

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