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Sun Haven: How To Romance Lucia

Sun Haven: How To Romance Lucia

    Last Updated on May 3, 2023

In the land of Sun Haven, you might wonder How to Romance Lucia. While the game is primarily a fantasy farming game at its roots. It doesn’t take away the social aspects gamers have come to love with the genre.

Dating in Sun Haven is not essential to finish the game. However, it is a great feature that lets you experience a full life in the game. At the time of writing, there are 15 romanceable characters in the game, one of which is the Magical Archmage of Sun Haven, Lucia.

Note: there is a relationship level cap and you can date as many characters as you want in Sun Haven. After reaching 15 hearts, you can marry a character by gifting them a wedding ring. To know more about the details, check this other article here

Where To Find Lucia: Schedule

How to Romance Lucia Festival

To romance Lucia, players must figure out first where to find her. During Sunny Days, she alternates between two schedules. If it is a Rainy Day, it will replace either of the Sunny Day schedules. 

Sunny Day 1:

Time             Location

7:00 AM        Lucia’s House

8:00 AM        Walks To Town Hall

9:00 AM        Town Hall Desk

3:00 PM        Market Stands

6:00 PM       Town Center Fountain

6:30 PM       Walks To Lucia’s House

7:00 PM        Lucia’s Front Yard

9:00 PM        Lucia’s House

Sunny Day 2:

Time             Location

7:00 AM        Lucia’s House

9:00 AM        Market Stands

11:00 AM      Library

3:00 PM        Barracks

6:00 PM        Jun’s House

8:00 PM       Walks To Lucia’s House

8:30 PM        Lucia’s House

Rainy Day:

Time             Location

7:00 AM        Lucia’s House

8:00 AM        Walks To Town Hall

9:00 AM        Town Hall Desk

6:00 PM       Town Center Fountain

7:00 PM       Walks To Lucia’s House

7:30 PM        Lucia’s Front Yard

10:00 PM      Lucia’s House

How to Romance Lucia: Converse With Her

Conversing with Lucia is a great and free way to make her fall in love. Whenever available, players will see available topics for conversation with the romanceable character. In these conversations, the player has the option to pick an appropriate response. 

Answering with the correct response will increase the romanceable character’s heart by half a heart. These conversations typically occur every other day, but checking on them every day will not hurt your chances.

How to Romance Lucia: Gift Guide

To increase the likelihood of marrying Lucia, players must increase the number of hearts located in the Relationships Tab in the menu. To do this, you must give gifts to the apple of your eye. The limit on gift-giving is once a day so make sure to have it as part of your daily routine.

Romanceable characters have four different reactions based on the item that you give them. Just like any other human, they either love, like, dislike, or remain neutral about the gift that they receive. Below is a guide to help you figure out the best gifts for the Archmage of Sun Haven.

  • Loves: Red Rose Bouquet, Blue Rose Bouquet, Havenite, Small Mana Tome, Large Mana Tome, Fire Crystal, Sunite Ore, Tikka Masala, Buttery Beer, Appetizing Ale
  • Likes: Pepper, Energy Smoothie, Spicy Ramen, Spicy Shrimp Ramen, Sweet and Spicy Shrimp, Spicy Catsup, Greenspice, Inferno Guppy, Hot Sauce, Strawberry Juice, Blazeel, Greenspice, Heat Fruit, Scorching Squid, Magma Star, Molten Slug, Searback, Pyrelus, Hearth Angler, Flame Ray
  • Dislikes: Lucia Wedding Ring, Lucia’s Fire Orb, Lucia’s Record, Water Crystal, Earth Crystal, Candy Cane, Candy Cane Ale, Brr-Nana, Brr-Nana Smoothie, Snow Pea, Snow Ball, Blizzard Berry, Blizzard Berry Stew
  • Neutral: Any item that is not listed above as love, like, or dislike.

That will be all for this article. If you want more Sun Haven romance guides, let us know by commenting below. Also, check out the other articles we have right here on our website.

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