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Should You Sell Groot or Rocket? – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Guide

Should You Sell Groot or Rocket? – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Guide

    Last Updated on April 30, 2023

Eidos Montreal’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy gives players a myriad of decision-making sections, like choosing to sell Groot or Rocket. Most of them would only serve as roleplaying and worldbuilding, but they are significant nonetheless. One instance of this comes early in the game, particularly in Chapter 4. To appease certain major characters, players are put in a compromising decision. They are to select whether to sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender. 

So which Guardians of the Galaxy member should you part ways with to get the best result? Read on as we share the possible outcomes you can get in this particular section of the game. Take note that we would be spoiling certain parts of the game with this article.

How it Led to Sell Groot or Rocket

With the constant hijinx the Guardians team put themselves on, it should no longer be a surprise to see them in debt. This time, they find themselves owing the Nova Corp a substantial amount. With no other options left, the gang decided to take a major risk. They sought to dupe the infamous warrior monster-collector of Seknarf Nine, Lady Hellbender. 

She is interested in Groot, and the Guardians agree to sell him out just for a while before finding a way to escape with everyone in tow. At first, Rocket disagrees with the plan. He just couldn’t see his buddy being sold off to a ruthless warrior. As a counter-offer Rocket proposes that he should be the one to be sold out himself. It now falls to the players to choose whether to sell Groot or Rocket.

Choose To Sell Groot

If you choose to stick with the original plan and sell Groot to Lady Hellbender, she will agree to give you 10,000 credits. However, during the negotiation process, the lady warrior will take a liking to Drax. If you let him negotiate with Lady Hellbender, you can bump up your earnings for selling your teammate to 12,000 credits. Everything will go down smoothly as long as you don’t back down at any stage of the negotiation.

After taking Groot to his new home (cage), it is your job to rescue him. Players will undergo a stealth mission to rescue the lovable tree guy, which eventually leads to the chapter’s final boss battle. In a true Guardians fashion, everything turns into a brawl at the end of it all.

Choosing to Sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender

Choose To Sell Rocket

Choosing to sell Rocket instead leads to a more chaotic sequence. Lady Hellbender is just not interested in Rocket and doesn’t see him as a worthy trade offer. Proposing to sell Rocket instead of Groot will be met with laughter. As you would expect, the raccoon wouldn’t take this insult lightly, and everything turns sour real quick. 

Immediately after the deal goes south, you’ll be put in a lengthy boss fight, which involves poison gas and several traps. Amidst the chaos, be sure to look for the 12,000 credits in the vault to make sure you leave Seknarf Nine with credits at hand.

Which is the better option?

Choosing to sell Groot or Rocket ultimately falls to how you want to approach the inevitable boss fight. The former leads to a stealth section and a much more straightforward fight, while the latter directly leads to an all-out brawl. Determine which approach you prefer and choose one or the other. At the end of the day, you’d still have the chance to walk away with sizable credits at hand. That said, do not stress this particular decision in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy that much.

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