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Roshan Tips and Tricks in Dota 2 

Roshan Tips and Tricks in Dota 2 

    Last Updated on December 28, 2022

The big, the bad, and the ugly Roshan is the primary objective in Dota 2. Aside from towers and the ancients, it is also the sole team objective in the game.

Killing him provides multitudes of benefits to you and your team. Each player on the team will be rewarded with 150 gold. Moreover, the player who deals the final blow or the last hit gets a bonus. The player receives extra random gold 225-325, gaining a total amount of 375-475 gold.

However, the most important benefit is getting the Aegis of the Immortal. As the name suggests, the Aegis of the Immortal grants you immortality. The holder of the Aegis will respawn after five seconds upon death. 

The importance of that extra life cannot be stressed enough, especially in Dota. Having the Aegis will immediately boost your chances of doing a successful high-ground push eventually leading to a win. 

Another nifty feature in Dota 2 is that every time you kill this objective, the items he drops increase each time. The first kill grants you the Aegis, the second kill gets you Aegis and Aghanim’s Shard, the third kill grants you Aegis, Cheese, and Aghanim’s Blessing/Refresher Shard, the fourth kill and beyond grants you Aegis, Cheese, Aghanim’s Blessing, and Refresher Shard. 

Roshan’s importance increases in every stage of the game. The later the game gets, the more important Roshan’s drops become. 

When he is slain, he respawns after a random time between 8 – 11 minutes. Unlike with other neutral creeps, the respawn cannot be prevented by any means. The players do not get any indicator for when exactly he respawns, but spectators and casters can see a clock at Roshan’s spawn point, showing the exact time left for the respawn.

Tips and Tricks About Roshan 

Roshan against other heroes in Dota 2

Ward the Area Near His Pit

How to control Roshan? Once your team or the enemy team is capable of killing him, make sure that you have Wards near the Pit. You can do this by placing Observer Wards near the area and placing Sentry Wards to make sure that the enemy does not have any vision around him. 

Make Sure that your Team Comp Can Kill Him

This article is for naught if your team composition cannot kill Roshan in an acceptable time. Team composition matters, especially regarding slaying him. Multiple heroes are great for taking this objective such as Huskar, Ursa, etc. Huskar and Ursa can kill him earlier than others, and they can also solo because of their passives. Buying Desolator also helps speed up the fighting due to its armor-lowering capabilities. 

Killing Roshan Early Offers Multiple Benefits

Killing him earlier in the game offers you multiple benefits. Although the Aegis isn’t as useful early on, the gold bonus and the succeeding Roshans after that will net you the most value. If you killed Roshan on the 20th-minute mark, the second Roshan will spawn more or less in the 30th minute. The third Roshan, one of the most valuable and sought-after, will come on early in the late game at 40 minutes. 

Don’t forget that Roshan is a vital part of the game. Make sure to utilize the only objective on the map — especially if you can deal with Roshan early on.

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