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Ready, Set, Swing! Discover the Fun in Persona 5 Royal’s Batting Cages

Ready, Set, Swing! Discover the Fun in Persona 5 Royal’s Batting Cages

    Last Updated on July 3, 2023

Persona 5, developed by Atlus, is a critically-acclaimed JRPG that combines intense dungeon crawling with everyday student life. Among the various activities available in the game, one exciting feature is the Batting Cages. This article explores the batting cages feature in Persona 5, highlighting its gameplay systems, benefits, and the overall experience it offers to players.

Persona 5 Batting Cages: What is it?

The Batting Cages in Persona 5 are located in the Yongen-Jaya area. It allows players to indulge in a realistic baseball experience within the game’s immersive world. Players can access the batting cages during holidays, after school, or at night. Additionally, unlocking the Batting Cages is simply done by playing the game normally. All in all, it provides an excellent opportunity for the protagonist to take a break from “Phantom Thieving duties” and enjoy some leisure time. Better yet, indulging in some batting practices also boosts your Proficiency social stat!

Gameplay Mechanics

Once inside the Batting Cages, players have the chance to test their skills and improve their batting technique. The gameplay centers around timing and precision, as players aim to hit the ball out of the park. The controls are straightforward, with players needing to time their swing correctly to make solid contact with the incoming pitch.

Persona 5 Batting Cages Guide

Players can choose from various difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The higher the difficulty level, the faster and more challenging the pitches become. Indeed, it requires concentration, quick reflexes, and a good understanding of the pitcher’s patterns to succeed. Take note that the Batting Cages’ difficulty levels will unlock gradually as the main story progresses. Here is a straightforward table detailing the ball speed and price for each difficulty level.

Difficulty LevelBall SpeedPrice (¥)
Beginner70 km/ h500
Intermediate90 km/ h1000
Advanced130 km/ h3000

Take note that players can also utilize other items to make their time with the Batting Cages much easier. For example, there is a book you can read to enhance the protagonist’s batting skills.

Persona 5 Batting Cages Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on timing. It’s crucial to time your swings at the right time. Pay attention to the pitch’s speed and trajectory to get a feel of when to swing. Practice and patience are key to improving your timing.
  • Observe the indicator. The indicator on the screen shows where the pitch will be thrown. Use this information to position yourself properly and then prepare for each pitch.
  • Start with lower difficulty levels. If you’re new to the Batting Cages, begin with the easier difficulty levels. This will allow you to get a feel for the systems, thus, improving your timing gradually.
  • Read the “Batting Science Book” ASAP. The Shinjuku bookstore called Hinokuniya is scheduled to open on Saturday, June 18th. You can visit the store to buy the book titled “Batting Science” at a price of ¥2800. Once you read the book, it will enable you to unlock the “Third Eye” feature for the Batting Cage.

Benefits and Rewards

Engaging in the Batting Cages activity yields several benefits for the player. Firstly, it serves as a means of stress relief. It allows the protagonist to unwind from the pressures of their double life while enabling players a fun activity away from the main story. Secondly, the Batting Cages enhance the protagonist’s Proficiency stat, as mentioned above, which represents their overall skill and capability. As his proficiency increases, they become more efficient in other activities such as crafting tools and completing part-time jobs.

In addition to skill improvement, the Batting Cages also offer rewards in the form of various items. By achieving high scores and meeting certain conditions, players can earn unique equipment and accessories that provide stat boosts and enhance their overall performance in combat.

The Enjoyment Factor of the Batting Cages

The Batting Cages feature in Persona 5 goes beyond being a simple mini-game. It offers an immersive experience, combining realistic baseball mechanics with the game’s stylish visuals and captivating soundtrack. The overall presentation creates an enjoyable and engaging atmosphere, making the Batting Cages a popular activity among players.


The Batting Cages feature in Persona 5 is a delightful addition to the game, providing players with an entertaining diversion from the main storyline. The gameplay mechanics, skill improvement, and rewards you can get contribute to the overall appeal of the Batting Cages. Whether players aim to hone their batting skills or strengthen their Proficiency social stat, the Batting Cages offer a well-rounded experience that showcases the depth and versatility of Persona 5‘s gameplay mechanics. So grab a bat, step into the cage, and swing for the fences!

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