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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes After You Finish

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes After You Finish

    Last Updated on May 30, 2023

The often overlooked feature of the game is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes. After all, we play Pokemon when we were children to escape school and study. So why would we play Pokemon and then take classes there? Because there are multiple rewards you can get from Classes after you finish them.

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Besides learning important tips, there are other rewards that you can get for finishing the classes. Even if doing these classes is not mandatory, I suggest that you utilize the rewards available when you finish them.

In this article, we will talk about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes after you finish them.

All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes

An image of the Academy. A place to take Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes take place in Naranja/Uva Academy depending on the version. These academies are the place where you can learn about all things Pokemon. Additionally, to increase your knowledge about the game, you can attend 7 different classes.

The seven classes available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are Math, Battle Studies, History, Biology, Art, Languages, and Home Ec. Moreover, each of these classes will teach you a thing or two about Pokemon and the world. To finish each class, you need to attend all six of their respective sessions and you must pass the Midterm and the Final Exam.

After you have finished the third session of a subject, you will be eligible to take the Midterm Exam. Each exam will only have five questions, and you have to get three correct answers to pass it. Afterward, once you pass the exam you will 5 Exp Candies S as a reward. Since there are seven classes, you will receive 35 Exp Candies S in total for the Midterm.

After the Midterm Exam, the only thing left waiting is the Final Exam. After finishing all the sessions of a class, you can now take the Final Exam. Similarly to Midterm Exams, the Finals will only have a total of five questions. However, you need to have four correct answers to pass it. Passing the Final will earn you 5 Exp Candies M, which means you can have a total of 35 Exp Candies M.

In addition to all these rewards, once you finish all of the classes you should see Director Clavell. He will reward you with 5 Exp Candies L after you have finished every class and passed all the exams.

Other Rewards

An image of the stairs leading up to the Academy.

Besides the completion rewards of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes, you can also get more. In the game, you can improve your relationships with your teachers and other NPCs. To be exact, you can improve your relationships with them by conversing and interacting with them.

You can unlock some of the interactions with the teachers by taking and finishing their classes. To do so, when you use the travel computer in Naranja/Uva Academy you will see a red exclamation point in different locations. Moreover, This means a teacher or NPC would like to speak to you. 

Go to the destination and speak to the NPC there to advance their storyline. Additionally, complete all of their interactions so you can earn their rewards. Moreover, if you want to know about their rewards, refer to this list below:

Teacher/NPC Rewards

Teacher/NPCUnlock RequirementsRewards
JacqFinish one class and register 30 Pokemon in the Pokedex. Afterward, speak to Jacq.TM 57 False Swipe
Mrs. DendraFinish all Classes and Interactions. Afterward, speak to Mrs. Dendra.10 Protein
Mr. SalvatoreFinish all Classes and Interactions. Afterward, speak to Mr. Salvatore.Galarian Meowth
Director ClavellFinish Starfall Street. Afterward, speak to Director Clavell.Big Nugget
Nurse MiriamFinish all Interactions. Afterward, speak to Nurse Miriam.10 Max Revives
Ms. RaifortCatch all Legendary Shrine Pokemon. Afterward, speak to Ms. Raifort.TM 140 Nasty Plot
Mr. SaguaroGive him a Sweet Herba Mystica. Afterward, speak to Mr. Saguaro.Slowpoke Cup
Ms. TymeFinish all Classes and Interactions. Afterward, speak to Ms. Tyme.50 Rock Tera Shards
HasselFinish all Classes and Interactions. Afterward, speak to Hassel.50 Dragon Tera Shards

Completing all of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Classes is a fairly simple way to get a ton of EXP relatively easy. Additionally, if you are stuck completing the Treasure Hunt, be sure to go back to the school and complete any classes you may have available.

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