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New Dota Runes – Wisdom and Shield

New Dota Runes – Wisdom and Shield

    Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Dota is an Action RTS that always strives to push boundaries with each major patch alongside new Dota runes. With the New Frontiers patch released, Valve and Icefrog once again came up with interesting new ideas. Aside from the changes to the map and newly added objectives, we are also treated to new little gimmicks. A bigger map means people are moving around a lot and fighting in that widened space. Plenty of things had to be changed to be more “dynamic.”

Icefrog’s approach to the experience problem was quite a surprising one. By removing the Tome of Knowledge, he replaced it with the Wisdom Rune. Experience from this rune scales over time, and anyone can pick it up. As a new and expanded mechanic, Icefrog added the Shield Rune to the game as well. A scaling rune and a protection rune are radical, looking at the current rune line-up. But how exactly do these two runes work?

New Dota 2 Runes – Wisdom

New Dota 2 Runes Wisdom

The Wisdom Rune is 7.33’s solution to the Tome of Knowledge and Experience issue. It spawns in the expanded map area in between the T1 and T2 offlane towers. A glowing indigo rune meets you when you approach it, but it doesn’t appear immediately. These runes only appear after 7 minutes of game time have passed. Your only problem with this rune is if other teammates want it as well. It’s going to be a great new issue in the grief game.

Before you pick up a Wisdom Rune, think of the teammates that might need it more. Other than yourself, there might be other heroes that stand to benefit from more experience. Their granted experience increase with every 7 minutes, but also spawn a new one as well. As a roaming support, you might consider snatching the enemy Wisdom Rune for yourself. If you have any more issues, just try to get it faster than your cores, no pressure!

New Dota 2 Runes – Raise your Shields!

Dota 2 Rune Shield

Dota 2 finally added support to add bars when units are affected by barriers. These barriers come in three colors, depending on what damage they absorb. Pipe of Insight creates blue barrier bars that block magic only. The new Pavise item and Void Spirit’s ability create a red barrier bar that blocks physical damage. And the final kind is a yellow barrier bar that blocks all damage types. To introduce this concept, Icefrog unveils the Shield Rune.

Shield Rune adds to the roster of Power Runes that spawn in the river. It offers the all-damage barrier that helps with diving and tanking punishment. The barrier that this rune provides is based on the health of its activator. A generous 50% of max HP is the strength of the barrier the rune gives. What’s even better is the duration of this shield, extends longer than a non-patch reader expects. Barriers provided by the Shield Rune last a good 75 seconds after activation.

As you would expect, these new Dota runes are going to change the state of the game. A more dynamic team play style is now viable and could be the norm in the coming days. One thing is certain, these additions are welcomed in the game full of damage and disables. Good luck out there, “new” Dota players!

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