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New Dota 2 Map Control Guide

New Dota 2 Map Control Guide

    Last Updated on April 29, 2023

With the new 7.33 patch released, new content is up and ready for players to experience, like the new Dota 2 map. In the following days, we will be releasing condensed 7.33 articles. This is for those who cannot read the patch notes in one sitting and need a little help. Let’s examine the new additions that help with moving around the map. The concept of map control is a strategy in Dota’s macro game that determines games. More control for more time means a more guaranteed win.

Before the 7.33 patch, map control was easier to take and maintain. But bigger maps, more objectives, more options ability to move around, makes it harder. Icefrog gave players more vision to work with, in the form of Watchers. Mobility is expanded with the addition of the Twin Gates, allowing for side lane movement. With so much zooming and fighting in this new patch, it’s time to relearn how to take the map back.

Discussing Mobility in the New Dota 2 Map

The new mobility mechanics in the game were brought about by the map expansion. With 40% more maps to play on, it is imperative to move and respond fast. Icefrog came up with new ways to go around and slug against the enemy team. Twin Gates allow for instant movement between the Bottom and Topside of the map. If you are without them, you are better off with Travels to move around better. Speed is the name of the game, and those who crawl tend to lose.

Aside from these instant movement mechanics, there is also faster movement speed. For all units during nighttime, movement speed goes up a small amount. This means a strong incentive for going out at night to run ganks in the lanes. Alas, now Crystal Maiden may join the speed force with smoke ambush to a lone core. Plenty of space to go around and little vision cover means few places are safe now. No-vision Outposts means sneaky ganks, be watchful!

Heroes to Use in the New Dota 2 Map

Setting Vision

Seeing things on the map is now harder than ever with more maps to walk around. The trees that line up places are now dotted in many places. More juke spots on the map to learn means more time in the terrain demo. But fear not, because the Watchers are here to maintain vision without planting wards at all. These structures set up a vision on important ramps across the map and can be activated by either team. Remember that these can be sabotaged by the enemy.

When an enemy feels strong, they must take down Roshan now. By taking him down, teams can make all Watchers on the map turn to their side. At a difficult time, this vision advantage can ramp up the difficulty in retaking territory.  

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