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Most Picked Dota 2 Heroes from the Lima Major

Most Picked Dota 2 Heroes from the Lima Major

    Last Updated on March 12, 2023

The Lima Major is over and we’re looking at the most picked Dota 2 heroes. The first major of the season concluded with Gaimin Gladiators sweeping Team Liquid (TL) with Quinn “Quinn” Callahan at the helm. With this, GG secures themselves a good 2nd spot in the DPC rankings below TL. 

As the Spring Tour approaches and a new patch is played live, it might be different from the last tour. Anything can work in Dota 2 so long as the execution is great, but some picks are better than others. 

7.32d came with its highs and lows, and as we look back, let us remember what plagued us. The era of ranged carries is upon us, and late April can’t come any faster. The team at Valve promised gameplay update 7.33 by then, and players are getting impatient. 

Four months of one patch drove most players out of the game, and pro players are getting bored with it. While we wait, Lima had amazing stats to it. Let’s see the meta of the Lima Major.

Top Dota 2 Heroes

Leading the charge of the picked Dota 2 heroes is the ever-versatile Rubick. He proves to be the star of the show, showing up in over 96 games in the major. Undying and Treant come in second and third, respectively, as the favorite healing supports. 

Undying’s playstyle in the major features a tombstone and standing in the front. Treant’s ability to stall games by healing towers came in clutch for many teams. They proved their power and their fear factor this major with 84 and 83 picks, respectively. 

It came as a surprise that Tiny and Nature’s Prophet followed them in the pick order. Tiny has a place in competitive Dota, both as initiating mid and support, physical or magic damage. Nature’s Prophet grew in popularity over the major’s duration. 

His physical output and ability to farm and disrupt served a great purpose for many teams. His Aghs that add a root to his ultimate made the difference in starting and ending fights.

Lina and other Popular Stuff

While Lina determined the result of the grand final, she isn’t in the top 5 most picked. The reason being there are better ranged carries in Drow Ranger and Nature’s Prophet. Her progression is great, but teams figured out her playstyle, or they banned her. 

Lina came second only to Broodmother in bans for the major. Batrider and Pangolier also have a place in 3rd and 5th, with Nature’s Prophet being 4th highest ban. 

11 heroes didn’t enter contention during the major. The reason is that these heroes are inferior versions of what is popular. Teams favored other heroes in terms of pick-ban, especially if they meet their strategies. 

When it came down to it, the same 30-something heroes were in the pick-ban pool. It might not be as diverse as the pick-ban of TI11, but it shows that players are close to figuring out the meta.

The Lima Major is over, but the spring tour could be similar to the Winter Tour in terms of strategy. 7.33 is the saving grace for all Dota 2 players that have reached burnout. Let us hope that Icefrog and the Valve team deliver on the hype.

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