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Level up Your Jinx Build with This Guide

Level up Your Jinx Build with This Guide

    Last Updated on December 30, 2022

Jinx, the loose cannon is one of the most powerful AD carries in League of Legends Wild Rift, her presence in the dragon lane can put pressure on enemies. With her skill set and insane passive, Jinx dominates. So if you want to boost your Jinx skills and play with her full potential, this is the new Jinx meta build, runes, and tricks.

Before we head to her builds, let’s learn about Jinx’s skill set!

Passive: Get Excited!

When Jinx gets a takedown on a champion or structure that she has damaged within the last few seconds, she gets bonus movement and attack speed for a few seconds. This makes Jinx insanely strong and unstoppable in the late game and the attack speed can go over the limit.

Skill 1 (Switcheroo!) 

Switcheroo! allows her to switch between two forms, Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher, and Pow-Pow, The Minigun.

Fishbones is the rocket launcher form. It is strong when used against bunched-up champions (usually clashes) and although its range and damage are insane, every attack costs mana. Meaning, it drains her mana faster. 

Pow-Pow, the minigun has a shorter range unlike fishbone, but its attack speed is crazy. When in use, attacks grant bonus attack speed for a few seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times gaining more attack speed each time. It’s a great choice for 1v1 fights.

Skill 2 (Zap!)

Jinx fires a shock blast that deals damage and slows the enemy it hits. It’s mainly used for poking in the early game and it is a good finisher in the late game.

Skill 3 ( Flame Chompers!)

Tosses out 3 chompers that arm after a brief delay. Chompers explode automatically when enemy champions come in contact, impairing their movement as it roots them. When not triggered, chompers explode over time. This ability helps Jinx for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Ultimate ( Super Mega Death Rocket!)

Fires a mega-rocket that gains damage and speed over the first second it travels. A great execution tool that deals tons of damage. This ability deals more damage and the bigger the missing health of the enemy it hits.

Build Breakdown

After the new addition of items in patch 3.5 Jinx now has different build and rune choices.

Jinx gets her early lead spike with Stormrazor, as it gives her huge attack damage, and attack speed and its passive gives leverage as it slows enemies’ hits; this may go well with Jinx’s Zap!

As for the Infinity Edge, it gives a huge boost in critical chance and rewards high damage. Runaan’s Hurricane is one of the most important items on Jinx, as it gives the unique spread passive wherein you shoot additional arrows for that extra AOE (area of effect). This goes well with the flaming chompers when damaging enemies in clashes.


The most popular and often used runes for Jinx are:

Lethal tempo

Hunter – Vampirism

Hunter – Titan

Nimbus Cloak

Lethal tempo best applies to Jinx; with your range and passive, you’ll be getting faster attack speed as clashes last longer.  Hunter- Vampirism gives you life steal, making you last longer as you trade. Hunter-Titan gives you tenacity and extra health as you get takedowns, making your kiting experience better. Nimbus cloak allows you to move faster after you cast your spells, you gain extra movement speed, meaning Jinx’s passive applies to that as well.

This build is only a suggestion, builds often depend on the matchup, the state of the game, or the player itself. Whatever suits your playstyle and situation will be good for you as long as you don’t intentionally build troll items.

At the end of the day, it’ll all depend on your preference for your Jinx build. If you liked the article, come check out some of our other content on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest gaming and esports news.

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