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Level Up Fast with These Essential FF16 Tips

Level Up Fast with These Essential FF16 Tips

    Last Updated on July 5, 2023

The leveling-up system is ingrained in the DNA of the Final Fantasy series right from its origins. From the first Final Fantasy to the newest, Final Fantasy 16 (FF16), all of them have leveling-up systems that you must carefully pay attention to. So, how do you level up fast in FF16? Is it as important in the game as it is with its predecessors? If you’re a gamer looking for some smart FF16 tips, you’re in the right place.

The Basics of FF16’s Level Up System

In FF16, the process of leveling up is crucial. Perhaps just as much as previous Final Fantasy games. The main character, Clive, was born with the Crystals’ Curse and has the ability to wield magic. The more Clive levels up, the stronger he becomes and the more prepared he is to confront tough enemies. Leveling up is not only important for progressing in the game but also for unlocking Clive’s full potential.

And with that out of the way, let us begin discussing our essential FF16 tips regarding leveling up.

Early Game Leveling Tips

Players who have pre-ordered FF16 have an advantage. The pre-order bonus accessory, Scholar’s Spectacles, grants a 10% increase in experience points (EXP) earned by Clive. Although it may seem insignificant, every bit of extra EXP counts, particularly during early boss fights where extra experience can provide an edge.

FF16 Early Game Leveling Tips

While taking up the main story quest “Lost in the Fog,” it is advisable to utilize the Flames of Rebirth ability to swiftly defeat large groups of enemies. This strategic approach not only allows for rapid accumulation of experience points but also minimizes effort.

The Dragon’s Aery in Sanbreque serves as a suitable starting location for dispatching weak enemies and earning EXP. It’s important to remember that leveling up in Final Fantasy 16 is not solely about beating powerful foes; sometimes, focusing on quantity over quality yields better results.

Mid-Game Leveling Tips

During the mid-game phase, another accessory becomes relevant: “On Fortune and the Heavens.” This accessory enhances EXP gains by 15% and is indispensable for quickly leveling up in FF16. It becomes obtainable during the “Home, Sweet Home” main quest and proves to be a worthwhile investment.

In addition to defeating regular enemies, this accessory also amplifies the EXP obtained from conquering Notorious Marks—formidable adversaries that offer significant amounts of EXP and unique rewards. Locations like the Velkroy Desert in Dhalmekia, which are inhabited by high-EXP enemies, can serve as lucrative EXP farms.

Late Game Leveling Tips

As the game progresses to The Kingdom of Waloed, completing side quests and participating in hunts becomes crucial. However, once all quests have been completed, the player must rely on defeating regular enemies to reach Level 50.

During this stage, the Flames of Rebirth ability and a fully empowered Zantetsuken, a powerful weapon, become indispensable tools that can eliminate most enemies in a single strike. Locations such as The Great Southern Gate and Vidargraes are ideal spots for efficient EXP farming.

Advanced Strategies for EXP Farming

For players who find normal EXP farming methods tedious, starting a New Game+ and selecting the Final Fantasy Mode presents a viable solution. In this mode, the rewards for EXP are significantly greater, and players can obtain the “On Fortune and the Heavens 2” accessory, which boosts EXP gains by 30%.


These are the essential tips for leveling up quickly in FF16. By taking advantage of pre-order bonuses, utilizing accessories effectively, selecting appropriate battles and game modes, players can enhance their gaming experience and make the most of their journey through the game. Remember, it’s not just about reaching the destination, but also enjoying the process. So go out there, level up, and enjoy this brilliant Square Enix game! The gorgeous world of Valisthea is waiting!

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