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Learn the Mobile Legends Roles Before You Play

Learn the Mobile Legends Roles Before You Play

    Last Updated on January 16, 2023

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles in the gaming industry. Its reach is still limited to mobile devices, but its popularity has skyrocketed due to its ease of use. 

Because of that, a lot of players, both new and old, are fully drawn to the game. Along with its success, the developers have added more heroes to the game. So how do we know the proper role of the heroes? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are the Mobile Legends roles explained.

Hero Roles

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, like any other MOBA, provides a variety of roles. It currently has 112 heroes and roles to choose from. The following roles are:

1. Tank

A tank is a hero with a lot of armor and HP. Some tanks have below-average speed and mobility along with extremely potent offensive attacks. They are always in the front, acting as a shield against the enemy. They are good at breaking up the enemy formation and allowing you to push the enemy because of their durability as heroes. 

2. Fighter

Tanks and Fighters are similar in that they both have excellent crowd-control abilities. Additionally, they battle alongside and in front of the tank. The average fighter has a strong attack and defense. They are also regarded as major forces who can subdue the opposition before a Marksman or an Assassin completes the task. For those who are comfortable with aggressive gameplay and close-quarters combat, this role is ideal.

Fighter Role in Mobile Legends

3. Assassin

Assassins, this heroic role calls for accuracy, secrecy, tact, timing, and patience. Assassins are nimble and built for quick bursts, they prioritize the execution of mages and marksmen, heroes that are vulnerable. If your play style is a bit aggressive then this role might not be for you. However, being aggressive also has a great impact as an assassin, as long you are confident with your engagement and have the right items, you’re all set. 

Assassin Role in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

4. Marksman

The Marksman is a hero role made to deal constant damage while remaining at a safe distance. Due to the excellent damage their basic attacks deal, the marksman role is crucial to winning battles. A proper understanding of your chosen hero’s abilities, as well as agility, accuracy, and real-time strategy, are all necessary when playing the marksman role.

Marksman Role in MLBB

5. Support

One of the hardest and most important roles in the game. Support characters are in charge of keeping the teams’ HP bars and spirits up. As a support, your role is to make sure your marksman gets the executions and give your team a good set for a beneficial clash.

Support Role in Mobile Legends

6. Mage

This role’s heroes are experts at long-range crowd control and area damage. Magical skills that deal a burst of damage are advantageous for mage heroes. But for equipment that will shorten cooldowns and boost the damage of their skills, these heroes typically need a lot of gold. Typically used in mid-lane, mages gain so much control both in lane and clash as the game prolongs.

Mobile Legends Role Mage

Those were the 6 roles in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and all you need to know about them. We hope this guide helps you become better players for your future choice of roles in games. 

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