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How to Unlock Outfits in Marvel’s GotG

How to Unlock Outfits in Marvel’s GotG

    Last Updated on May 4, 2023

Marvel games are famous for giving players the chance to unlock outfits for their main characters. Some of them are the most popular suits or costumes of our favorite heroes, while others pay homage to the classic outfits they once wore in the comics. Eidos Montreal’s Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) is no different.

This game is chock full of gorgeous-looking outfits for every Guardians member. However, to unlock outfits in this game is to scour every area. In fact, some of them are hidden so well, it feels impossible to find them without any guide.

With that said, here is our guide to unlocking the rest of the Guardians’ alternate outfits. Furthermore, to make collecting all of them much easier, we’ll guide you through all the unlockable outfits in each chapter. Take note that there may be story mission and side mission spoilers in this article.

How to Unlock Outfits in Marvel’s GotG – Complete Guide

Unlock Outfits Guide Marvel's GOTG

Chapter 1: 2 Outfits

Rocket Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film outfit

The first unlockable outfit in the game is for Rocket Racoon. Players will see two diverging paths, after sliding down the sizable ramp with Rocket. Focus on the right path first and proceed until you see a metal wreckage. Drop down to said wreckage to find a chest that contains Rocket’s outfit from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film.

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film outfit

But, of course, the next one will be for Rocket’s best pal, Groot. After Star-Lord and Rocket reunite with Groot, a cutscene will play out. As soon as it ends, turn to the right and crawl through the small space uncovered with red goo.

There, you’d find a chest containing Groot’s outfit from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film. Groot is basically nude in this outfit, though.

Chapter 2: 1 Outfit

Star-Lord Nova-Lord

After the dialogue choice with Nikki to either “Encourage her” or ”Take control,” make sure that you don’t follow her immediately. In fact, look around instead to find a separate path you can go towards. After vaulting over some boxes and crawling under a pipe, you’d find the Nova-Lord outfit for Star-Lord inside a chest. Star-Lord looks like a central executive wearing this one (or maybe an office assistant)!

Chapter 3: 2 Outfits

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film outfit

After defeating the cube monsters in Chapter 3, the Guardians will exit the encounter by climbing into a forest. Before proceeding forward, make a right near the red plant life and keep going until you’re faced with a tight cave entrance. Push through the narrow pathway and head towards the exit. Soon enough, you should see a chest containing Gamora’s outfit from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film.

Groot Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

Go to the left and blast away at the goo covering the cave entrance after Groot builds a wooden bridge for you. There, you’d have to make full use of Star-Lord’s elemental guns to solve the short puzzle that progresses you through the area. Look for a chest near the exit of the cave on a cliff. Inside it is Groot’s Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse outfit.

Chapter 4: 2 Outfits

Drax Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film outfit

Unlike most unlockable outfits in the game, Drax’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film outfit can be acquired in two different ways. How you unlock it directly depends on whether you sell Groot or Rocket to Lady Hellbender. You can check out our article focused on this section to know more. 

Nevertheless, if you choose to sell Groot, you’d have to sneak into Lady Hellbender’s throne room. The chest should be alongside the right wall there. Meanwhile, if you choose to sell Rocket, you can unlock the outfit during the drone chase.

During this chaotic sequence, you’d have to shoot the wreckage on the left to then jump onto the platform. Instead of following your fellow Guardians, go forward and you should see the chest.

Rocket Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

Like the previous outfit, unlocking this one depends on which Guardian you chose to sell as well. If you choose to sell Groot, you’d find the chest containing the outfit in the sneak section. After riding the elevator, go to the right instead of following your teammates to the left.

Jump over the table then make your way through the round table. Finally, crouch under the opening beneath the box. There, you should see the chest.

On the other hand, if you choose to sell Rocket, you’d have to unlock the outfit during the drone chase as well. After ending up in the sewers, keep traveling until you see two diverging paths. Make sure you go left first to find the chest containing the outfit.

Chapter 5: 2 Outfits

Drax Nova Corps

In the early stages of this chapter, you’d need to hack some doors to get inside the Nova Corps base. That said, do not route the power to the main doors right off the bat. Instead, look for the little doors on the left side of the area that leads to the bathroom. Route the power to that door before the main one to gain access to the chest.

Groot Nova Corps

After the cutscene that shows Star-Lord messing around the Nova Corps helmet, you’d battle several enemies to then end up in a hallway lit up by orange light. Just blast the faces of the enemy with your blasters.

Before following the rest of the Guardians to the left, head to the end of the hallway. Look for the chest containing the outfit behind a forklift. The area looks like a research sector as well.

Chapter 6: 1 Outfit

Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 film outfit

After settling down in Knowhere, follow the main path forward until you run into a group of alien kids playing with finger guns. Interact with them if you want. That said, unlocking the outfit needs you to jump over the railing behind the kids and head to the left over the pipes.

Chapter 7: 2 Outfits

Rocket Nova Corps

After fighting the waves of enemies on a platform in a room with red lighting, Rocket will open two new rooms. Proceed to the room on the left to find the chest containing Rocket’s Nova Corps outfit. Rocket would look quite cute wearing this expedition gear.

Gamora Nova Corps

While moving forward to Nikki’s hiding spot, you’ll head down a staircase flooded with electrified water. Use Star-Lord’s elemental guns on the switch near it to take away the electricity. After that, look for a section of pipes you can slice through using Gamora. There, you’d find the chest containing the outfit.

Chapter 8: 2 Outfits

Star-Lord Bad-Lord 

After seeing Drax jump down into the red fuel liquid, follow him down and slide into the next area. Go right at the fork and look for a crate after making your way through the archway. Command Drax to lift the crate and put it in front of the entrance. Use the crate now as a platform to gain access to the chest.

Drax Cage Match

Finish the fight between the docking and skiffs. After that, the Guardians should find themselves on a platform inside a circular room. Look around until you see a section full of boxes. Make your way through said boxes to see the chest containing Drax’s Cage MAtch outfit.

Chapter 10: 3 Outfits

Gamora Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

Early in Chapter 10, the Guardians will meet up with Mantis, and she shall lead you to a cave. There, you’ll see a river with a waterfall. Go inside the cave behind the waterfall to find the chest containing this awesome Gamora outfit.

Rocket Hero of Halfworld

After beating the three enemies in a cave, look for the opening in the cave wall. Command Rocket to enter the small opening and destroy it. Inside it is a cave filled with gas. Use Star-Lord’s elemental guns to go across safely.

After that, tell Groot to raise a platform for you. Find this outfit by going to the exit of a cave into a ledge.

Groot Annihilation: Conquest Suit

Halfway through the chapter, the Guardians should fall into a pitch-black cave. Thankfully, Groot is there to lighten things up. Proceed forward to this section while keeping a close eye on the right, especially near the exit.

Soon enough, you should see a crack that glows purple. There lies the chest containing this outfit.

Chapter 12: 5 Outfits

Drax Thanos Imperative

After making your way back to Knowhere, you’ll immediately be ambushed by several enemies. Once the encounter is done, look for a big yellow crate. Have Drax lift it for you. Now, use the crate as a platform to reach the chest.

Take note that this outfit is free for those who pre-ordered the game.

Rocket The Smuggler

After dealing with the enemies in the marketplace, follow the main story path until you find Rocket standing in front of a green door. There, use Star-Lord’s elemental guns to pull out the door. The chest containing the outfit should be just there.

Groot Impaler

Order Gamora to cut down the wires next to a yellow pillar. Progress through the area until you see a wall that can be moved by Drax. Before doing so, however, use Star-Lord’s elemental guns to pull a wall panel on the left.

After that, tell Groot to build a bridge to progress through the area you just opened. Move forwards until you come across an electrified floor. 

Now, command Rocket to enter the small vent on the left to turn the electricity off. Move forwards more and look for some pallets near the railing on the left. There, you should see the chest containing the outfit.

Gamora Casual Kill

You should see a platform with a huge crack after defeating the enemies on the rooftops. Command Drax to destroy it and progress through the level. After that, slide to the bottom of a pit. Look for an opening and crawl through it to find the chest housing the outfit.

Star-Lord Apocalypse Lord

After defeating the enemies covered by white brain matter, order Drax to lift the box in the area to the left. Next, look for a wall Gamora can climb onto, then have her help you reach the platform above. There lies the chest with the Apocalypse Lord outfit for Star-Lord.

Chapter 13: 5 Outfits

Gamora Black Vortex

After defeating the first two enemies on Maklu IV, look to the right side of the area where Gamora can grapple. Now, have her help you reach the cliff above to reach the chest.

Groot Five O Clock Sprouts

Following the first battle with the worm creatures, move forward until the Guardians slide along an edge into a cave opening. After the said slide, look to your right to find the chest.

Star-Lord War-Lord

Progress through the main path until Star-Lord unlocks the Fire Shot ability for his elemental guns. Move even further until you drop a piece of ice on a giant skeleton. Now head across the gap then look up to left and wait for more ice to melt. After that, have Groot raise a platform to get you near the chest.

Rocket The Stinger

Further into the chapter, you’ll find yourself in an area with poisonous plants that Star-Lord can destroy. Deal with the plants to reveal the chest in the middle of it all.

Drax Katathian Monk

Head through the burning village and slide down a large ice tunnel. Focus on the left side to see a series of cliffs filled with poisonous plants. Destroy the plants here and climb up and reach the chest.

Chapter 14: 3 Outfits

Star-Lord Team-Lord

After entering the wind tunnel, you’d be forced to hide behind some cover to not be blown away. Soon enough, you should come to an area with platforms on both sides. Go to the left first and climb onto the yellow container. Use it to reach the scaffolding to find the chest housing this outfit.

Drax Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

After crossing the bridge Groot makes for you outside the ship, make a right instead of going forward with the Guardians. Melt the ice wall with Star-Lord’s elemental guns. Now, climb the platforms you see. In the end, you should see the chest containing this outfit.

Gamora Chosen Daughter

Inside the mines, you’ll have to use Star-Lord’s elemental guns to create ice platforms to help you cross the gaps in the area. While doing so, you should see a mist appear on your left next to a platform you made. Shoot these mist bursts to create more platforms for you that will eventually lead you to this outfit. 

And that is how you unlock outfits in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in completion! Follow the steps we showed above and you’d have an extensive collection of cool outfits for your Guardians in no time!

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