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How To Sell in the Steam Community Market

How To Sell in the Steam Community Market

    Last Updated on February 13, 2023

One of the best things that make Steam so great is the Steam Community Market. The Steam Community Market is an extension of the Steam Community that allows you to buy and sell in-game items, Steam trading cards, and more. 

Transactions you make go through your Steam wallet. So you can use the money you make from selling in-game items to buy different in-game items. Since it goes to your Steam Wallet, you can even purchase brand-new Steam games.

Now that you know how great it is, you are probably thinking that you want to do it too. With that in mind, I will guide you on How to sell in the Steam Community Market.

How Does the Market Work?

Steam Community Market

The Steam Community Market is a digital marketplace that allows users to buy and sell certain in-game items. In addition, you can also purchase digital trading cards, emotes, profile wallpapers, and other things that are designed for use with Steam.

However, not all games support the Community Market, and not all in-game items are marketable. If something is not marketable, that means you cannot buy or sell it in the Steam Community Market. These items are tagged as unmarketable in your Steam inventory, and they do not have a sell button.

All sales in the Steam Community Market go through your Steam wallet. The Steam Wallet is a one-way digital wallet that you can use to make purchases on Steam. You can add funds to your wallet through methods like PayPal and credit cards. Since the wallet is one-way, you cannot remove funds from it and transfer them elsewhere.

The only way to spend the money in your Steam wallet is to buy items on the Steam Community Marketplace or games from the regular Steam store.

How to Sell Items on the Steam Community Market

Before you can sell items on the Steam Community Market, you need a non-limited Steam account. Your account should be protected by Steam Guard for at least 15 days, and have at least one marketable item. 

Most qualified items are in-game items from games like Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2, and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that you are allowed to sell to other players.

The other category of marketable items includes trading cards, emotes for Steam Chat, and profile wallpapers that you get for free just by playing compatible games.

If you have a qualifying in-game item, or an item like a trading card or emote, you can sell it on the Steam Community Marketplace.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Navigate to Community > Market.
  3. Click Sell an Item.
  4. Click the item you want to sell, and click Sell.
  5. Enter the price you want to sell it, then click the box to indicate that you agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement. Click OK, and put it up for sale.
  6. Verify that you entered the correct amount, and click OK.
  7. Your item is ready to sell, but you need to confirm through Steam Guard. Click OK, and then open your email or your Steam Guard app.
  8. Look for an email from Steam Guard and click the provided link, or open your Steam Guard app. If you have the Steam Guard app, open Confirmations, tap the box next to your item and tap Confirm Selected.
  9. Your item will list on the Steam Community Market. When someone bought it, you will get an email, and the money from the sale will appear in your Steam Wallet.

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