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How to Romance Characters in Sun Haven

How to Romance Characters in Sun Haven

    Last Updated on April 27, 2023

If you did not know it yet, you can Romance Characters in Sun Haven. Sun Haven’s developer, Pixel Sprout Studios, made sure to not miss out on this popular feature. If there are characters in the game you got an eye on, get ready to win their hearts. In addition to dating them, you can also marry them fulfilling the lifelong dream of romantics.

There are many romance candidates in the game but be warned that you cannot romance everybody. The characters with a portrait picture beside them, when you talk to them, are the ones available for romance. Now that you know some of the basics, it is time to know how to romance characters in Sun Haven

Increase Hearts To Romance Characters

If you check the Relationships tab in the menu, you will see hearts for each romanceable character. These represent your progress in your hopes to marry them in the future. Additionally, there are a required number of hearts to unlock dates with these characters. 

Once you reach ten hearts, you will unlock the first date with the character. After you start dating them, the previously locked third row of hearts will be available. Lastly, when it reaches 15 hearts you can gift them a wedding ring. 

However, there are cases that the 15th heart is white. This means that you can no longer increase the hearts no matter what. It simply means that there are dialogue options still available and you have to finish them first. 

In Sun Haven, you don’t have to be concerned if you are interested in more than one character. The game permits you to date as many candidates as you wish. This implies that you can reach the third tier of hearts for each candidate and earn 15 hearts for them. 

However, you can only marry one character at a time. If you wish to change the character you’re married to, the town hall has an easy fix. You can file for divorce and then propose to the other character. Being able to date multiple people allows you to choose the character with whom you connect the most.

Ways to Romance Characters

Romance Characters Gameplay

Give Them Gifts 

There is an option to offer a daily gift to every romanceable character. However, you can only offer one gift to each character per day, so it’s important to make a wise choice. Every character has a variety of gifts they enjoy, appreciate, or dislike, while some gifts have a neutral effect. 

If you give a character a gift they enjoy or appreciate, you will get closer to them. Conversely, if you give a gift they dislike, your relationship with them will be damaged. A neutral gift will have a slightly positive effect on the character’s relationship with you. Don’t worry, this is still better than not giving a gift at all.

Converse With Them

Every romanceable character in Sun Haven offers conversations to increase hearts if you choose the right dialogue. The correct options are obvious, so make sure to choose them correctly.

If you choose the correct dialogue, you will gain half a heart. However, if you chose incorrectly, you will lose a tiny amount of heart. These dialogue options appear every other day so make sure to check up on them from time to time. 

Complete Their Quests

As you advance in the game, various unique missions will become accessible and initiated by speaking with a character. When this happens, a yellow exclamation mark will appear above the character’s head when you come across them or view them on the map. 

Completing these quests has the potential to increase the number of hearts. Additionally, some of these special missions are refreshed on the Bulletin Board each day. If any of these quests pertain to a character you’re interested in dating, you can finish them to gain some hearts.

That will be all about romancing characters in Sun Haven. If you want to take a break from being a lover, check out the articles here on our website

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