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How to Reduce Lag in Minecraft: 3 Easy Steps

How to Reduce Lag in Minecraft: 3 Easy Steps

    Last Updated on March 7, 2023

If you’re here asking how to reduce lag in Minecraft, you’ve probably tried to exit and open the game. However, all you need to do is follow three easy steps: optimizing and upgrading your PC and improving your connection.

Not only will these reduce lag in Minecraft, but they might also boost your gaming experience. After all, you’d want to play Minecraft on the highest settings. Undoubtedly, you can even start modding your game without stuttering gameplay.

So, we need to start with optimizing your PC. Don’t worry. We won’t dive into all the advanced tech lingo. However, if you do want to find a way to optimize your PC for gaming, check out our website. We release tons of articles to help gamers have a better gaming experience.

Reduce Lag in Minecraft by Optimizing Your PC

The first thing you need to do is make sure your PC is up to date. After all, you need to have your system operating at 100% to have a smooth gaming experience. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Your Windows Panel
  • Type and Locate Settings
  • Check for a Windows Update

Checking for a Windows Update significantly reduces lag in Minecraft. After all, the game launcher auto-updates to the latest version. If your Windows is not the latest version, your gameplay might stutter or appear sluggish.

One other thing to also look out for is a Graphics Driver Update. Since Minecraft automatically updates, your Graphics card also needs to be the latest version. You might need to update your drivers because they release performance improvements.

You might also want to close other applications when you start playing. These apps might drain too much of your Random Access Memory (RAM) and will cause Minecraft to stutter.

Upgrade Your PC Specs

Reduce Lag in Minecraft by Upgrading your PC

Minecraft is one of the games that don’t need a lot to run. However, there are minimum spec requirements for your PC to start playing. Undoubtedly, all you have to do is get an upgrade to either budget gaming PCs or the best gaming PCs.

There are tons of ways to start improving your PC. You should start with your processing unit or your RAM. Upgrading these two components significantly improves your gaming experience, especially for Minecraft.

After that, you can also start looking into upgrading your Graphics Card. Lastly, only after you upgrade those three things can you start thinking of a better mouse or monitor.

Improving Your Internet Connection to Reduce Lag in Minecraft

Since we’re also at the last step, another part of of your hardware upgrade is your internet router. Sometimes, it can be too old and not up to date with the latest improvements. You might also experience consistent disconnections to Minecraft servers.

Please make sure to play on a wired connection using an Ethernet cable. Playing on Wireless Connections will cut your internet speed in half or more, depending on the number of people connecting.

However, sometimes that more obvious choice is to switch to a different server. You might be playing on a laggy server that can’t handle too many players. Overall, these are the three easy steps to reduce lag in Minecraft.

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