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How to Play the Final Fantasy XVI Demo – Guide

How to Play the Final Fantasy XVI Demo – Guide

    Last Updated on June 15, 2023

Fans of Final Fantasy games, gather up! Final Fantasy XVI Demo is finally out, giving us a glimpse of what lies ahead in the main game. Let this serve as the appetizer for the main course that is set to release a little over a week away. And trust me when I say this, the Final Fantasy XVI demo is a chunky one! In addition to serving as playable teaser content for the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, the demo itself is an experience that you most likely wouldn’t want to miss.

So how do you play the demo for one of the most anticipated releases in recent memory? Read on as we show you just that.

Final Fantasy XVI Demo – How to Play

Playing the Final Fantasy XVI demo is as straightforward as it gets. You just have to download it for free on the PlayStation Store. Wait for it to install, and then play it. That is pretty much it. You just have to do what you ordinarily do to other games or demos. Take note, however, that the Final Fantasy XVI demo and the main game itself are exclusive to the PlayStation 5. Those that still have the PlayStation 4 as their main console, sorry, you are out of luck. The same goes for Xbox gamers and PC.

Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the save data you make in the demo will carry over to the main game. This means that the time you spend playing it wouldn’t necessarily be a waste once the full game itself releases soon.

Final Fantasy XVI Demo Impressions

Final Fantasy XVI Demo Clive

As already announced by Square Enix a few weeks back, the demo focuses on Clive’s teenage years. To avoid any potential spoilers, we won’t be diving into what transpired in the demo itself. Instead, we will be focusing on what it has in store, particularly in terms of its gameplay and overall look.

An Action RPG Through and Through

Countless articles already exist stating that Final Fantasy XVI is the true departure of the series from its traditional JRPG roots. And they wouldn’t be wrong. The demo clearly shows that the game will be an Action RPG through and through. Final Fantasy XVI will be more akin to iconic Action RPGs such as CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher series or Square Enix’s very own Kingdom Hearts series. Yes, there will still be some elements from the previous Final Fantasy games. However, they are no longer as prevalent as before.

A Visual Spectacle

Playing the Final Fantasy XVI demo truly makes you feel as if you are playing a bona fide next-gen title. You cannot help but feel excited about what the future holds in the gaming space a year or two from now. If this is how crazily good-looking next-gen gaming is already, I simply cannot imagine how impressive it would be years after. 

Even if not intended, you will find yourself stopping for a moment just to take in the sights and sounds of the game. The mountainous terrain, in particular, is brimming with incredible details. It’s as if Square Enix paid attention to each rock and debris, and that is truly something to marvel at! Furthermore, the game’s draw distance is also dreamy. Indeed, the level of dedication to visual quality was evident.

A highlight of the demo, and perhaps the main draw of the game demo itself, was witnessing the battle between two Eikons. While you may think that the encounter will be a bit messy, considering its scale and intention to be a visual spectacle, the fight, in my opinion, was executed flawlessly. Additionally, the voice acting and facial movement of the characters in cutscenes are also next-level. This incredible attention to detail further immerses gamers in the story the game is trying to tell. And I am all up for it.

Final Thoughts

If this is the direction that future Final Fantasy games are headed, then consider me fully on board! I was already filled with excitement to experience Final Fantasy XVI long before the release of the free demo. However, now that I’ve personally played it, I find myself eagerly counting down the days until its official launch. 

If the demo is already this incredible, I can only imagine how much more impressive the full game will be. Do yourself a favor and make sure to grab a copy of Final Fantasy XVI when it becomes available on June 22, 2023, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

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