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How to Play Doom in Dota 2

How to Play Doom in Dota 2

    Last Updated on April 8, 2023

Doom in Dota 2 is straight out of a fantasy. MOBA game developers set up and design characters to fulfill a certain fantasy or role. Some are great wizards, others are enchanters, and others are bruisers. These are some of the many archetypes that exist in all MOBAs. But of these archetypes is the dreadful Assassin-type characters. These characters specialize in disabling and eliminating key targets without much reaction time.

In Dota 2, one hero sits as an unorthodox Assassin, due to how his kit is designed. Master of damage over time mechanics, Doom is a strength hero that tolls your victory. His style of elimination involves a straightforward, run-them-down strategy. Without reservations, he is one of Dota’s greediest heroes and requires high skill to play, so let’s find out exactly how.

Secure Funds for Doom in Dota 2

Playing as Doom in the most traditional sense means playing at your greediest yet. Doom’s design centers around item dependency, which is his great limiter. A player who isn’t top networth as a Doom is not playing him to the fullest. Let us examine the ability that enables Doom to reach lucrative heights early in the game—Devour.

Devour is his first ability and provides Doom with two things. He eats a creep and after the ability cools down, he gains a significant boost in gold. The other thing it gives is that Doom gets any ability the creep had. Neutral Creep knowledge is essential to playing Doom, and knowing which to eat. Eating a neutral Centaur gains him a stun, useful for ganking attempts.

Run Them Through

Image of Doom Gameplay in Dota 2

Once you get to level 6, you should start looking to use your Doom. Any hero without help can die to a Doom that runs them down without stopping. Dooms have their Scorched Earth maxed first, with a value point in Infernal Blade. Make sure to pump as much damage as possible before peeling away from a target. A Doomed enemy will have backup eventually.

Your gameplay at the midgame would be to keep farming and punish lone enemies. Have the element of surprise with a Blink Dagger and use Smoke of Deceit. Having a Centaur stun helps with the blink initiation, and once you throw your ultimate, just run them down. If you are keeping up with farm, even their top core should fall to you if no help arrives.

The Linken Problem

Linken's Sphere in Dota 2

Doom’s ultimate is his name and is one of the more powerful abilities in the game. It mutes and silences a target and deals pure damage for 16 seconds. His kit is built around this skill and it must land on the intended target. Linken’s Sphere is an item that blocks a target spell and is one of Doom’s direct counters. Let’s examine some workarounds of Linken’s Sphere.

The last laugh belongs to Doom, with the reworking of his Aghanim’s Scepter. His scepter turns his Doom into an AoE spell, circumventing Linken’s and other spell blocks. Doom only needs to follow his target, and they are affected no matter what. Of course, there is the Force Staff counter, but it’s a matter of getting a Nullfier if you want to solve it.

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