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How to Make Herbal Medicine in Rimworld

How to Make Herbal Medicine in Rimworld

    Last Updated on April 26, 2023

Healing in a video game is as important as feeding and gathering resources for your characters, like Herbal Medicine in Rimworld. In the heat of battle or after, it is always necessary to lie low and rest up. Sometimes, when the going gets tough and we can’t back down, our characters need emergency treatment. These emergencies we can only find on the battlefield or in the person of our fallen enemies. They may not be the best quality, but they are better than nothing at all.

In RimWorld, there are all manner of ways to approach medical situations. While you could throw a body into a cryo casket to prolong its life, it doesn’t amount to good. This delay is a sign of something your colony is lacking, a few amounts of medical supplies. Combat is a common occurrence in RimWorld, and a player is wise to have supplies on hand. Should you fail to prepare medical supplies, you must also be prepared to die.

Immaculate Baseline

Herbal Medicine forms the foundation of RimWorld’s medical solutions for all problems. Furthermore, we mentioned that it is better than nothing, as no medicine slows down the healing process of injuries. A colonist is able to tend a character or animal without medicine, but it results in a low-end quality. You may notice that the better the medicine, the higher the tend quality is. The baseline herbal medicine serves as an early to mid-game staple.

Of course, don’t let the appeal of Standard or Glitterworld Medicine distract you. These two items are hard to come by, and Glitter Meds are impossible to craft. Meanwhile, herbal medicine grows in nature and is farmable as a crop by farmers. A surplus of Herbal is necessary, as well as keeping a steady supply of it. 

Where to Farm, Buy, and Forage Herbal Medicine in Rimworld

Farming and Foraging Herbal Medicine in Rimworld

Unlike the rest of the plants a player can farm in the game, healroot has a higher skill requirement. Healroot is second only to Devilstrand at 10 and has a similar skill requirement to Cocoa Tree at 8. Because of this, farming is not recommended earlier on, as opposed to seeking it out in nature. Wild Healroot is common in biomes with fertile soils, without further biases. They grow in tandem with berries and the random Ambrosia sprouts.

The next reliable way is, again, to buy them from traders or settlements in the world. Herbal medicine is sold by most factions, but more common by tribal factions. Remember that with buying from settlements, they need to replenish their stock. Stock replenishment takes a couple of days, but nothing too long that it becomes scarce. We recommend to having something to sell to make it a trade instead of being a flat-out purchase. Bring silver too, this is important!

Another thing we must remind you is to know when higher quality meds should be the norm. After all, your colonists are the primary asset of your colony. Protect them, and take care of them, and the storylines will create itself.

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