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How to Lane in Mobile Legends

How to Lane in Mobile Legends

    Last Updated on April 8, 2023

Since Moonton introduced Gold Lane and Experience Lane in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the game suddenly became easier and harder to win. It became easier if you know which lane to go. However, it also became harder if you have no idea of what you should be doing.

As a rule of thumb, marksmen and assassins usually take the Gold Lane to have an early gold lead. After all, the strength of the character heavily relies on equipment. In contrast, fighters take the Experience Lane to have an ultimate as soon as possible.

If you already know that general rule, there are still ways to dominate your opponent in your chosen lane. Luckily for you, KCJ eSports has a list of tips and tricks about lane management. These tips can help you win the match. Check out other guides on our website!

Tip #1: Kill Minions

Unlike League of Legends, you can still get gold from millions even if you are not the one who killed them. However, making sure that you are the last hit can give you additional gold or experience, depending on which lane you are fighting.

If you can kill minions, you can buy items first that can be crucial in facing your opponent, especially in 1v1 situations.

Tip #2: Destroy Turret Shields

In the first five minutes of the match, all outer towers have a shield that absorbs 5,000 damage and reduces ranged and melee damage you take by 30%. In addition, attacking the shield grants you 1 Gold for every 10 damage.

If you manage to kill your enemy first and have an opportunity to push, it’s best to attack the outer turrets just to get the gold from the shield. When low on health, you can kill the enemy minions until your minions attack the turret before recalling back to base. After all, you can still get gold from the shield.

How to Lane Against Towers in Mobile Legends

If you’ve already removed the shield in your lane, you can go into the mid-lane to get additional gold. However, you need to stay aware of your enemy’s position to avoid being killed, especially when going to another lane.

Tip #3: Kill Minions Before Attacking Enemy Hero

We are all guilty of attacking the enemy hero as long as we have an opportunity. However, you should kill the minions first since they will attack you once you attack the enemy hero. Even if you still have your minions, the enemy minions will still attack you.

It may not matter in the later part of the game when you are all equipped. Yet, in the first few minutes, the damage you take from minions can help your enemy kill you faster.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of the Jungle

If you already killed the enemy minions and still have health, you can kill some monsters in your jungle area. You can specifically grab the Crab that gives you gold. Killing other jungle creeps, like Horned Lizard, Fire Beetle, and Lava Golem, can also give you experience and gold.

However, the attacks of these jungle monsters can damage you, so it’s best to proceed with caution. You also need to communicate with your teammates, especially the one who is jungling.

Tip #5: Cut Minion Waves in Lane

Lastly, if you have a hero that can easily roam the map, you should always cut the enemy’s minion waves. If you are in the experience lane, killing the enemy minions can give you time to rotate. You also have to keep in mind the spacing between the outer and inner turrets.

Cutting minion waves is not an easy thing to do since you would enter the enemy’s territory. If you can, ask for your teammates’ help since teamwork makes the dream work.

Tip #6: Know When to Recall from Your Lane

There are different reasons why you need to recall, especially if you are low on health. However, making these micro-decisions can help you take advantage of your lane. If you still have health, kill the enemy minions first to get more gold compared to your opponents.

Since all heroes in Mobile Legends have regen, you don’t have to go to the base. In Mobile Legends, you can buy items anywhere on the map, so recalling is just for healing.

Overall, the first few minutes in Mobile Legends are the most important ones. After all, you and your team can get an early advantage if you’ve managed to dominate in your lanes. Having equipment in the first ten minutes is the key to winning the match faster.

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