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How to Increase Guts in Persona 5 Royal

How to Increase Guts in Persona 5 Royal

    Last Updated on June 24, 2023

Guts is one of the five social stats in Atlus‘ masterpiece of a game, Persona 5 Royal. Increasing your Guts stat allows you to tackle certain dialogue options, unlock new activities, and deepen your relationships with specific characters. Here are several methods you can use on how to increase your Guts in Persona 5 Royal.

Reading Books

Reading books is an excellent way to improve your Guts stat. Look for books with a Guts icon next to them when browsing the bookstore in Shibuya. These books offer valuable insights and knowledge that can help you increase your Guts. Reading books not only boosts your Guts but also provides various benefits such as unlocking new activities and increasing other social stats. Some recommended books that can increase your Guts are:

  • “Buchiko’s Story”
    This book tells the heartwarming story of a dog’s journey, which inspires you to be courageous and face challenges head-on. It provides a significant Guts boost.
  • “Pirate Legend”
    Embark on an exciting adventure with this book that explores the life of a legendary pirate. The book delves into themes of bravery and risk-taking, giving you a notable increase in Guts.

Make it a habit to visit the bookstore regularly and prioritize reading books that boost your Guts.

Watch Movies at the Theater

Visiting the movie theater in Shibuya is an enjoyable way to raise your Guts in Persona 5 Royal. Look for movies that explicitly mention a Guts boost in their description. When you choose to watch these movies, you’ll be rewarded with Guts points. Pay attention to the schedule and movie descriptions displayed at the theater to find the ones that provide Guts increases. By watching these movies, you not only enhance your Guts but also have the chance to unlock additional dialogue options and deepen your understanding of the game’s story.

Engage in Batting Cages

The Batting Cages in the Shibuya Central Street provide an active and engaging method to increase your Guts. Spend time at the batting cages and select the batting practice option. Your goal is to hit a home run by timing your swings correctly. In addition to increasing your batting skills, you’ll also earn Guts points in the process. Initially, it might be challenging to hit home runs consistently, but with practice, you’ll enhance your Guts significantly. Additionally, participating in the Batting Cages can improve your Proficiency social stat.

Take the Big Bang Burger Challenge

The Big Bang Burger fast food chain, located in Shibuya Central Street, offers a special challenge that can boost your Guts in Persona 5 Royal. By ordering the Big Bang Burger meal and attempting to finish it within the time limit, you can earn a substantial increase in Guts. However, be aware that this challenge requires a certain level of Proficiency, another social stat. Focus on improving your Proficiency before attempting the challenge to increase your chances of success. Successfully completing the challenge not only raises your Guts but also provides a sense of accomplishment.

Respond Boldly during Confidant Interactions

When interacting with confidants, you’ll encounter situations where you can choose how to respond to their questions or comments. Opt for bold or daring responses when available, as they often contribute to increasing your Guts. However, exercise caution and consider the confidant’s personality and the context of the conversation. Some confidants might respond negatively to bold choices, potentially affecting your relationship with them. Strike a balance between being bold and maintaining a good rapport with each confidant.

Participate in Tae Takemi’s Medical Trials

How to Increase Guts in Persona 5 Royal Tae Takemi

Speaking of confidants. One confidant to look out for when actively increasing your Guts social stat in Persona 5 Royal is Tae Takemi. This corner-of-the-suburb-looking medical practitioner is looking for an active teenager brave enough to help her with her experiments. Thankfully, you are there! Participating in Takemi’s medical trials not only increases her confidant ranking, but you’d also have a good boost in Guts. So, if you have nothing to do for the day, why not go to her clinic, right?

Respond to Mishima’s Requests

Mishima, the Moon confidant, sends requests to the Phantom Thieves periodically. These requests typically involve targeting specific shadows in Mementos, the collective palace of societal desires. By completing Mishima’s requests, you not only contribute to the story but also earn Guts points as a reward. Keep an eye on your messages and prioritize these requests to maximize your Guts gains. Successfully completing Mishima’s requests will strengthen your bond with him and unlock additional benefits.

Visit the Crossroads Bar

Located in Kichijoji, the Crossroads Bar provides an opportunity to improve your Guts. Spend time at the bar and order a drink. The bartender might recommend specific choices based on your preferences, and selecting the right options can earn you Guts points. Engage in conversations with the bartender and other patrons to immerse yourself in the bar atmosphere. You can also potentially uncover valuable information or new opportunities here.

Final Thoughts

And that is how to increase guts in Persona 5 Royal! Remember, increasing your Guts stat requires consistent effort and time management. Plan your activities wisely, prioritize actions that boost your Guts, and remain patient. As you steadily enhance your Guts stat, you’ll unlock new opportunities, deepen your relationships with confidants, and experience the full potential of Persona 5 Royal.

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