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How to Improve Your CS Like a Pro in League of Legends

How to Improve Your CS Like a Pro in League of Legends

    Last Updated on February 1, 2023

Improve your CS! Farming and gaining gold is one of the most essential things to get you ahead in League of Legends. If you want to improve your rank, start by improving your Creep Score (CS). More money, fewer problems, right?

The most literal definition of League of Legends CS is the number of killing blows a player has landed on minions and monsters. In League of Legends, there are a variety of ways that you can earn gold. CS, Kills, Turrets, and certain Runes are the most common sources of gold in Summoner’s Rift. 

One of the greatest misconceptions in the mentality of a new player is that chasing down kills is worth more time than acquiring CS. That is simply wrong in itself. It is better to be almost perfect in CS than to chase a few kills,

Gold Amount of Minions 

  • Melee minions – 21 gold
  • Ranged minions – 14 gold
  • Siege minions – 60 or more gold

If we do some simple calculations, we can get an average of 125 gold per minion wave. This ultimately converts to a free kill worth of gold every three waves. So being good at CSing is always better than being good at solo killing.

Improve Your CS Under Tower

You only have to deal the last blow to the enemy minion to receive gold. The chances are that you have also had to deal with last-hitting enemy minions under your tower. This can be confusing for some, but it gets a lot easier once you understand how much damage the towers deal.

This is to give you a tip on Farming Under Tower:

  1. Melee Minions need 2 tower shots + 1 auto attack to last hit
  2. Caster minions need 1 tower shot and 1 auto attack from an AD champ or 2 auto attacks from an AP champ to last hit.
  3. Cannon minions can take multiple shots and vary between champions, but generally, you will want to last hit them with a spell to ensure that you do not miss their gold bonus.

Generally, the tower will hit the minion that approaches the tower boundary first, then start focusing on the Cannon minions. Once the Cannon minions are dead, they’ll move on to the Melee minions and then the Ranged minions.

In knowing this order, you will have to come up with a quick plan every time you see the wave crashing into your turret. You will have to actively think about how you will get every CS. By doing this regularly, you can imprint last-hitting into your brain, and you can CS under tower simply on reflex.

Freeze The Wave

Freezing the Wave is when you keep the minion wave in a spot that is safe for you while being dangerous for your opponent. You will want to freeze waves whenever you can during the early game. 

Applying this technique can guarantee you a safe early game, so you can primarily focus on farming. It also becomes a lot easier for you to farm during a freeze because there is a lot of pressure taken off your shoulders.

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