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How to Get Steel in Rimworld

How to Get Steel in Rimworld

    Last Updated on March 18, 2023

If you’re looking for how to get steel in Rimworld, you’ve come to the right place. Resource collection in video games is important to progression. Gold, experience, food, anything the game deems as a resource, a player must get it. For the ordinary player, it is a rite of passage into their game.

But for the aspiring hobbyist, it is something to obsess and be meticulous about. When the game gets longer, these resources are demanded in larger quantities. Rimworld demands greediness from its players, with the alternative being death.

Suppose you begin a game of Rimworld, and you set yourself with some materials. For many, they run with little few starting items as possible for added challenge. But for the casual player that wishes to play with a handicap, what do you get yourself?

The answer can be wood or a few parcels of food, but that is thinking short-term. If you want to sustain, it’s time to think long-term, it is time to think of Steel.

What is Rimworld Steel?

Steel plays a major role in the colony progression of Rimworld at large. Yes, the early bits of the game need wood for most, if not all, things. But the AI storyteller knows its job, which is to make your gameplay interesting and spicy.

The game will force you to increase your technology, and this is when you transition to steel-based items. Modern and futuristic tech relies on steel as its primary building material. It is used to craft firearms, explosives, and automatic defenses.

Steel serves as the bridge from tribal to future technology in the game. It gives you options to generate electricity, craft weapons, and research better technology. Wood is replaced by steel as you progress further, as tribal and pre-industrial equipment becomes obsolete.

Most weapons and armor that carry you into the late game are made out of steel. Components and Advanced Components are made by processing steel. When there is a steel shortage, you notice it right away. Now, imagine if Rimworld was multiplayer.

Sourcing Steel

Locations for Steel in Rimworld

Steel is not hard to come by as a resource, but you need to be smart with it. It can be found in mountains as ore, which requires a player’s colonists to dig for them. Another non-renewable way to get steel is to deconstruct obsolete items. You get a lesser amount than when you made it, but it’s worth something. 

Semi-renewable methods include buying from traders. Another way is to set up a smelter and recycle raider weaponry and armor into steel. This process also yields other materials depending on their composition. Mechanoids are a good source of steel as well if your colonists manage to take them down.

Renewable steel is taken from the underground via deep drills. This requires ground-penetrating scanners and a competent miner. Long-range mineral scanners also provide large chunks of steel, with the catch of traveling distance for them.

It is something to consider if your colony can fend off with lesser people. Of course, colonists can always settle in new tiles for new minable material. Enable multiple colonies in the settings menu to allow this gameplay mechanic.

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