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How to Get Golden Keys in Borderlands 3?

How to Get Golden Keys in Borderlands 3?

    Last Updated on April 20, 2023

Borderlands 3 continues the series trend of providing its players with tons of rewards even after the game’s launch itself, including Golden Keys. Much like other Borderlands games, the third installment of the franchise has the Golden Keys and Shift codes features as well. It gives dedicated players significant rewards in the form of post-launch loot. This can come in the form of extra ammo, unique weapons, and, of course, even more, powerful guns to play with.

But what exactly are golden keys? What are they for and how does one use them? Moreover, are they different from Borderlands 3’s Shift codes? This article aims to answer all that. Read on as we explore the many post-launch loot rewards provided to us by Gearbox Software themselves.

What Are Golden Keys?

Golden Keys are exclusive in-game items that can unlock special Golden Key Loot Chests. Golden Keys are the only way to gain access to such. These special chests are found on Sanctuary 3 and contain premium-quality loot. Others argue that the rewards you can get from Golden Chests are more likely equivalent to hours and hours of grinding. This makes Golden Keys a rarity and a must-have for any Borderlands enthusiasts out there.

While the Golden Keys feature was present in the previous Borderlands iterations, note that they aren’t transferable. Meaning, the Golden Keys that you may have in your possession from Borderlands 2 is bound to that game only. You cannot transfer it to Borderlands 3 to then use it there. 

Also, keep in mind that Golden Keys are different from Diamond Keys. The latter is the more advanced version of the former. As great as the rewards you can get from using Golden Keys, the loot you can enjoy using Diamond Keys is just on an entirely new level.

How Do You Get Golden Keys?

Golden Keys Gun Rewards

Understandably, getting Golden Keys and Diamond Keys can be quite a challenge. Again, this is because of the insane in-game rewards you can get from them. There is only one way to get such, and that is through the use of Shift Codes. Now, how do you get Shift Codes? Well, they are a rarity as well. You can only get them via the game’s developers themselves. Think of them as Borderlands 3 VIP codes.

Borderlands 3 players can only get Shift Codes from official Gearbox Software-sponsored events or social media drops. Most of the time they are given outright by the developers, but occasionally they hide them in promotional materials. This is to entice interested vault hunters to constantly check their socials for possible Shift Code giveaways.

Indeed, the system of getting Shift Codes to then use to gain Golden Keys can be confusing at first. After all, you’d have to scour through Gearbox’s promotional material or social media posts first before you can gain said keys. Gaining them through such isn’t guaranteed yet! Take note that the Shift Codes can expire after a set period. Nevertheless, most Shift Codes do not have an expiry date, so you shouldn’t worry much.

How Do You Redeem Shift Codes?

Firstly, you need to have a registered Shift account. If you do not have one yet, just follow the link here and create one for free. You need it to redeem Shift Codes and subsequently get Golden Keys or Diamond Keys. Once that’s done, log into Shift, navigate yourself to the site’s Rewards tab, and enter the Shift Code you have.

Say that you are in-game and cannot be bothered to head to the nearest PC. You can actually redeem Shift Codes in Borderlands 3 itself as well! Just pause your game, select the social tab, and head on over to the Shift icon. If this is your first time using Shift in-game, you will be prompted to accept Gearbox’s Privacy Policy.

After that, simply select sign in if you have an existing account, or a new account to create one for free. Just be sure to follow the instructions you are presented with on the screen. With that out of the way, select the Shift Code tab and enter the code.

After successfully redeeming your Shift Code, wait a few moments or reload Borderlands 3 and check your in-game mailbox. You should find the Golden Key there.

Where To Use Golden Keys?

Borderlands 3 Characters

You can find the Golden Key Loot Chest in-game on the middle of Deck 8 of Sanctuary 3. It isn’t hard to pinpoint as it is simply on the east of the Fast Travel Station. To make things much simpler, just look for the Golden Chest icon on your map. Once there, open it using your newly-acquired Golden Key. 

Lastly, do remember that Golden Keys can only be used once. Although the Golden Chest will remain there, the Golden Key you used to open it should immediately expire after use. With all that said, we sincerely hope you get an amazing haul! 

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