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How to Get Cloth in Rimworld

How to Get Cloth in Rimworld

    Last Updated on April 21, 2023

Cloth in Rimworld is often a valuable resource in the game. In many games, there comes a need to clothe your people or your characters. The purpose of clothing them could be aesthetic, but it is often out of utility and importance. Many games make use of outfits to buff up characters as microtransactions opportunities. With the battle pass system, these cosmetics are anywhere from useful to purely visual. But some games require the creation of these outfits for protection.

Rimworld is a game where the visual and utility aspects of the armor are important. The type of material the outfits are made of determines the toughness of the item. But perhaps the average material of the lineup of materials is reliable Cloth. It is one of the renewable materials that a player has access to at the start of the game. With little more than farming skills, you can stock up on cloth as well! Let’s detail the steps on how to get them, shall we?

Farming Cloth in Rimworld

Acquiring cloth self-sufficiently is simple, but takes time to gather. The first thing to note is that it is renewable plant material. The second is that plants need time to grow and mature before they can be harvested. Cloth plants take longer to mature than food crops, so it is unsustainable in the early game. However, if you are in a better position, then let us start by knowing how the plant interacts with the environment. 

Each crop is set to grow fast on a certain type of terrain. It grows well when planted on rich soil, but is best when planted on a Hydroponics Basin. With 5 days of growing time, Hydroponics is the way to go, but don’t sacrifice important progress for it. After all, RImWorld is an unforgiving game where mistakes are punished and wise choices are rewarded. The cloth ought to be your early textile material for clothing, but keep it close for armor later on.

Cloth Trader in Rimworld

The Buyer of Fabrics

The second reliable way to acquire cloth is through the process of trade. It comes second to planting because of how dependent it is on AI’s storytelling. However, the player’s initiative also comes into determining the appearance of traders. For instance, a player who made enemies of all factions can find little to no traders. A player who is diplomatic in their approach is open to commerce with most factions.

Another thing to consider is the price and your silver availability. Cloth is not the best textile material in the game, but it can be a good starting point. Buying cloth should only be due to carpeting, flak vests, and poker tables. These items cannot be crafted with any other textile. One other thing cloth is known for is its higher flammability. If you insist on getting cloth, at least use it to decorate your floor, your colonists will like it.

By analysis, the cloth in Rimworld is the worst protective textile in the game in terms of sharp, blunt, and heat protection. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to have many of them on standby for emergencies. After all, it is also an important component is medicine production. Experiment with other textiles, or min-max the needs of your colonists, the choice is yours!

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