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How to Fuse Alice Persona 5 Royal: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Fuse Alice Persona 5 Royal: A Comprehensive Guide

    Last Updated on June 29, 2023

Welcome to the mysterious realm of Persona 5 Royal! Where the Fusion system plays a pivotal role in gameplay by enabling players to create powerful Personas that aid them in battles. Among the multitude of Personas available, Alice stands out as an extraordinary entity that players can only get through fusion. So, how can you fuse Alice in Persona 5 Royal? Read on to find out!

When can you obtain Alice in Persona 5?

Alice, a Persona not affiliated with any Phantom Thieves, holds a special position and draws inspiration from the whimsical character in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. As the ultimate Persona of the Death Arcana, she becomes accessible through the game’s Fusion system within the Velvet Room. However, before fusing Alice, you must first meet certain prerequisites.

To fuse Alice, players must have the ability to create Personas at level 83 or above. This requires either leveling up the protagonist to that point or strengthening the bond with Persona 5’s Velvet Room custodians, Justine and Caroline. Additionally, it is crucial to maximize the Death Confidant relationship with Tae Takemi before initiating the fusion process. Better yet, doing so also increases your Guts social stat significantly.

What is Alice’s level in Persona 5?

Once successfully fused, Alice manifests as a level 83 Persona. She possesses resistance against Psy (Psychokinesis) and Nuke (Nuclear) elemental abilities, reflects Curse (previously Dark) damage, but is weak to Bless (previously Light) attacks. Alice’s initial skill, “Maeigaon,” inflicts significant Curse damage, and she can learn Persona 5 Royal’s most powerful Almighty skill, “Megidolaon,” at level 86.

Step-by-step Guide to Fusing Alice in Persona 5 Royal

Creating Alice involves a Special Fusion between two Devil-type Personas: Belial and Nebiros. Belial can be befriended through negotiation in Maruki’s Palace. Also, he can be fused as a level 82 Persona using the Fusion system in the Velvet Room. Nebiros, on the other hand, can be encountered as a Shadow in Niijima’s Palace and in the Depths of Mementos, and must be befriended through negotiation.

How to Fuse Alice Persona 5 Royal: Max Takemi Confidant

Once both Personas are in your possession, you have achieved maximum confidant level with Tae Takemi, and reached level 83 or above, head to the Velvet Room in Persona 5 Royal. There, you can choose either Normal Fusion or Fuse by Result. As long as you meet the requirements, both methods will result in the creation of Alice.

Alice’s Skills and Abilities

Alice starts with a formidable skill called “Maeigaon,” which deals substantial Curse damage. Her unique skill, “Die For Me!,” learned at level 81, ranks among the strongest Curse-type attacks. It has a high probability of instantly defeating all foes. Combined with her inherent trait “Die Already!,” which reduces SP consumption, Alice becomes one of the most formidable non-DLC Personas in Persona 5 Royal.


Alice undoubtedly holds a prominent position among the Personas in Persona 5 Royal. This is thanks to her exceptional abilities and strategic advantages in battles. Indeed, fully exploring the fusion system unlocks a world of possibilities. So, prepare yourself, delve into the depths of the Velvet Room, and add the mighty Alice to your arsenal!

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