How to Find the Right Valorant Sensitivity

How to Find the Right Valorant Sensitivity

    Last Updated on June 6, 2023

Your Valorant sensitivity in-game is one of the fundamental things you need to win. In any competitive FPS game, your mouse sensitivity could make or break the match. After all, it can have a huge impact on your gameplay.

It’s also why you might find some released professional player data featuring their mouse, Valorant sens, DPI, and crosshair. You will also find that having a higher sensitivity may make too quick movements in-game. On the other hand, making it lower could prove difficult to aim within a match.

The best way to find your Valorant sensitivity is to take in the multiple factors and experiment in-game. After all, finding what feels comfortable for you can increase your chances of winning.

Adjust Your Valorant Sensitivity

Riot Games always makes an effort to bring you the best gameplay experience. To find the right Valorant sens, go to your game sensitivity settings. After that, here are some steps you can also follow to find the perfect sensitivity:

  • Start With Low Sensitivity. In Valorant, you can go inside The Range to practice on some bots. Start by adjusting your sensitivity to the lowest it can go. After all, low sens will give you more control over your aim. However, it can be difficult to make quick movements on dashing Jetts.
  • Increase Your Valorant Sensitivity Gradually. After experimenting with low sensitivity, you can start increasing it bit by bit to find the sweet spot. Don’t increase it too fast because having a higher sens will be harder to control.
  • Keep Experimenting. Most FPS gamers stop experimenting once they find a sensitivity that works. However, it might still not be the right Valorant sens. You can keep visiting The Range until you find the perfect sensitivity for you.

Be patient and keep at it. However, you should also bear in mind that you aren’t a professional player. Don’t follow in the footsteps of TenZ who has several crosshairs, DPI preferences, and sensitivities. If you can adjust quickly as he does, then that works for everyone.

FPS Valorant Sensitivity The Range

Other Things to Consider

Finding the right Valorant sensitivity doesn’t only involve the steps mentioned. You also have to consider some other things to find the right fit. Here are some additional tips to look out for when finding your in-game sensitivity.

  • Your Mouse DPI. DPI means dots per inch, and it can greatly affect your mouse sensitivity. A higher DPI can make your mouse cursor move faster on the screen. You need to find out the hardware specs for your mouse to adjust your in-game settings. If you want a better mouse, you can always buy a cheap gaming mouse that still has quality.
  • Your Playstyle. Figure out what kind of FPS playstyle you prefer. Are you an elbow player or a wrist player? Elbow aiming refers to lower sens because you’re more comfortable with making wide movements on your desk. Wrist aiming refers to higher sens because you like making only small adjustments to your aim.

Ultimately, finding the right Valorant sensitivity will take some time and a bit of effort. However, it’s definitely worth it. After all, you might be able to make some great clutch moments in the game. It’s also worth keeping in mind that

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