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How to Farm in Valheim: Beginner Tips

How to Farm in Valheim: Beginner Tips

    Last Updated on April 22, 2023

Apart from giving you the chance to play as a badass Viking, Valheim is also known for giving players tons of things to do. You can also craft various weapons, build your settlement, and catch fish. You can even farm in Valheim, which is the precise topic of this article. Valheim’s farming mechanics are so deep that some players dedicate most of their time to creating a lovely farm instead of taking down its many mythical creatures. 

Farming is a major component of Valheim as it can be the player’s main source of food items. And we all know how crucial food is in survival games such as this. It is the main item you will use to ensure that both your health and stamina are in tip-top shape. 

In this article, we will take a look at how players farm in Valheim. Read on as we share with you our Valheim farming guide for beginners.

How Farming Works in Valheim

Farming in Valheim is generally the same as other survival games that employ similar features. Valheim farming involves the process of planting seeds, harvesting them after a set period, and then replanting them to repeat the cycle. But, of course, you’d have to do other things in between. For instance, you need to protect your crops as you wait for them to grow and be harvestable.

Although all crops in the game generally work the same, each of them has its own requirements to grow. Certain crops can only be planted in specific biomes. For example, some swamp biome crops cannot grow in plains, and vice versa. Furthermore, certain crops may also have different planting and harvesting cycles. With that in mind, always read the description of each crop you plan to grow. Better yet, just save the list we will provide below.

Here is a list of all of the crops you can plant in Valheim and their respective plantable Biomes:

Crop NamePlantable Biomes
CarrotsMeadow, Black Forest, Plains
Seed CarrotsMeadow, Black Forest, Plains
TurnipsMeadow, Black Forest, Swamp, Plains, Mistlands
Seed TurnipsMeadow, Black Forest, Swamp, Plains, Mistlands
OnionsMeadow, Black Forest, Plains
Seed OnionsMeadow, Black Forest, Plains
Jotun PuffsMistlands

How to Unlock Farming in Valheim

Plains to Farm in Valheim

Sad to say, farming enthusiasts cannot start growing crops in Valheim right off the bat. Undoubtedly, they must first do a series of tasks to officially unlock the feature. Simply put, you can unlock a farm in Valheim after acquiring a seed and crafting a cultivator. 

While getting a seed may not be much trouble, possessing a cultivator requires a bit of preparation and effort. For one, you actually need to beat the first boss of the game, Eikthyr, first. After that, the cultivator should be craftable, and you’d need 5 Core Wood and 5 Bronze to do such.

And that is basically it! After crafting a cultivator, all you need to do next is to actually plant the seeds you mean to grow. Seeds can be found throughout the game’s open world. Some may hide in abandoned huts and chests, while some can be acquired via harvesting plants. 

To give you one final tip, consider placing beehives around your farm in Valheim. Let the Queen Bee work its magic! Doing so helps protect your farm, just make sure that they have enough space from each other. Furthermore, doing so also allows your farm to make honey on top of the crops you are growing. For more Valheim and other gaming-related content, make sure you visit our website and follow our social media accounts.

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