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How to Exorcise Entities in Demonologist – Guide

How to Exorcise Entities in Demonologist – Guide

    Last Updated on April 11, 2023

Are you looking for tips on how to exorcise entities in Demonologist? Look no further! Besides refraining from screaming in terror, Demonologist gives you two main in-game objectives. First is to identify the entity haunting the location and the other is to perform an exorcism on it. Each entity has different ways how you can identify and exorcise it. This fact makes every game exciting but also challenging.

You’d scramble to find clues to identify the haunting party while it does its best to scare you off. In the hopes of helping you win that particular struggle, we have come up with this guide. Here is how to exorcise entities or beings in Demonologist.

Identifying Entities in Demonologist

To exorcise the beings haunting your game, you must first correctly identify them. This is by way of collecting various pieces of evidence scattered throughout the chosen game location. There are seven varying types of evidence that you can find in Demonologist the game. 

However, the challenge here is to come up with the correct combination to accurately identify the entity. Take note that various combinations of the seven types may point out a different entity type.

Here are the seven types of evidence in the game:

  1. Fingerprint
  2. Easel Canvas Drawing
  3. ESG Ghost Reactions
  4. Freezing Temperatures
  5. EMF Level 5
  6. Ectoplasm Stains
  7. Sprit Box Respons

You will find these types of evidence while exploring the location either alone or with your trusted mates. Make the most of your in-game tools to uncover them. If you are also brave enough, you may even incite an actual response from the entity itself! Undoubtedly, collecting evidence and determining the correct combination is the key to the enemy’s weakness.

Remember that the location of evidence pieces and the entity differs with each game. That something that you found in the corner of the room will most likely be not there anymore. This keeps every game fresh and all the more exciting to play. With that said, let’s proceed to how you can exorcise these entities.

Demonologist Evidence for Exorcise

How to Exorcise Beings in Demonologist

After identifying the entity that haunts your particular game, it is now time to exorcise it. The method for exorcism depends on what map your game is currently on. As of the moment of writing, Demonologist has three varied in-game locations: Abandoned House, Cyclone Street, and Hospital. Here is how you perform exorcism in each location:

Abandoned House

While playing on the abandoned house location, make sure that you have the Photo Camera, Ecto Glass, and Candle. These tools give the most utility in this map—they would prove useful regardless of the round’s entity type. 

After identifying the haunter, you need to get it to blow out the candle. Next, capture a solid photo of it and locate its silhouette. After that, you then need to find all five fingers around the house and take them to the basement. Burn them all there to complete the exorcism.

Cyclone Street

Ecto glass is the key tool to survive Cyclone Street. This tool will prove useful no matter what entity you are faced with on this map. After identifying the entity correctly, find a digital time that is written on the wall inside the house. Remember the time it shows—make a note of it near you even, if possible. 

Now, go around the house and find three old wall clocks. Change their time according to the digital time you found earlier. After all that, the entity should be exorcised promptly.


Unlike the previous two maps, the hospital doesn’t have a list of universally useful tools. With that said, you can also spread out the tools amongst the party to achieve peak versatility. After determining the entity type, you’d need to go around and find three pieces of a shotgun. Worry not, the shotgun pieces are also glowing, making them much easier to find. 

After collecting all three parts, head straight back to the lobby to grab the gun. With the shotgun at hand, prepare to confront the entity itself and shoot it to complete the exorcism.

How to Exorcise in Different Locations

There you have it! That is how to exorcise beings in the fun yet very scary game, Demonologist. Follow the steps we mentioned above and the entities you are faced with shouldn’t be much of a problem anymore. Lastly, take note that Demonologist is still in early access. Chances are, there would be more maps to come. To keep yourself updated with all the news in the gaming industry, head to our website and follow our socials.

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