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How to Effectively Use Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

How to Effectively Use Pokeballs in Pokemon GO

    Last Updated on May 18, 2023

Pokemon GO is a game that makes players catch em all with the use of Pokeballs. A Pokeball is a round device used to catch and contain Pokemon. It is the most basic tool of a Pokemon trainer, but you should learn how to master it.

Pokeballs are a Pokemon GO player’s best friend so you have to learn how to utilize it. There are best ways on how to effectively use them and we are here to help you with that. In this article, we will discuss the best tips on how to effectively use Pokeballs in the augmented reality game, Pokemon GO.

Aim for the Center of the Circle

When attempting to catch a Pokemon, you will notice that there is a circle on that Pokemon. That moving circle grows bigger and smaller with time. To have a better chance to capture a Pokemon, you have to aim at the center of that circle.

In addition to having a better chance of catching the Pokemon, you will also receive bonus exp for catching a Pokemon this way. So make sure to practice your aim and channel your inner Pokemon Master to take advantage of this benefit.

Throw Curveballs

This is an optional tip because it is not mandatory for you to catch a Pokemon with this method. However, throwing curveballs will have more benefits than doing a normal throw. Additionally, catching a Pokemon this way looks cooler.

To do a Curveball throw, simply spin your Pokeball before throwing it. To have an accurate throw, I personally recommend you throw your spinning Pokeball at a curved upward motion. This method takes a little practice so it is fine if you do not get it on the first try.

Berries are There for a Reason

If you are having trouble at catching a Pokemon, a simple berry can do the trick. Berries have differing effects depending on what berry it is. While it has different effects, all Berries are helpful in catching a Pokemon.

For example, a Razz berry will increase your capture rate, and a Nanab Berry will reduce the Pokemon’s movements making it easier for you to catch. These are just a few examples of what berries can do, but all berries are worth giving a try.

Know the Different Circles

Going back to the first tip, you may also notice that there are different colors of circles in Pokemon GO. There are three different colors to look out for in the game. Green tells you that catching it is easy, Orange means it is difficult, and Red indicates that it will be extremely difficult.

Understanding these colors will help you figure out what berry you will need and what type of Pokeball you will throw. This trick will help you save time and resources when catching a Pokemon. If you encounter a Red circle on a Pokemon, make sure to use a berry and Ultra Ball to have an easier time catching it.

Use Great Balls and Ultra Balls

If berries and aiming for the center of the circle are not enough when catching a Pokemon, there’s still something you can do. If you did not know by now, there are other types of Pokeballs available in the game.

There are other tools that are designed to have a better catch rate than a standard Pokeball. Great Balls are better than Pokeballs, and Ultra Balls are better than Great Balls. If there’s a Pokemon you can’t catch with a Pokeball, try using other balls to have a better chance.

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