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How to Delete Your Riot Account

How to Delete Your Riot Account

    Last Updated on February 17, 2023

Deleting your Riot account is simple. Let’s face it. Sometimes, things aren’t working well, or you have frustrations about the games you play. It’s also natural to feel and think that way. You have the full right to do what you want.

However, you could also be someone who wants to start over. After all, you can’t have two accounts with one registered email. Maybe you want to start all over again and reset your data. So, we’re here to help you how to delete your Riot account.

Deleting Your Riot Account

The first step in deleting your Riot account is to submit a ticket from the player support page. Choose account management, data requests, or deletion as your request type. Even more, make sure to write down “Account Deletion” on the ticket subject.

After that, add the following details to your request:

  • Account Name (what you use to sign in to the Riot client)
  • Summoner Name (if applicable)
  • What Server do you play on? (NA, EU, PH, etc.)
  • The date you created the account
  • The location of the registered account
  • The email address you used for the account

If you fail to provide those details, the support team may contact you to verify ownership of the account. It’s also one of the ways they ensure security for all of their players. However, once you manage to finish the request, Riot will start processing the deletion of your account.

Riot also lets you know that you have 30 days before your account is gone from existence. It’s also to help you if you ever change your mind about deleting your account. If you wish to stop the process, you can still recover the data and go back to playing the games you love.

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