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How to Collect Purified Gems in Pokemon GO Shadow Raids

How to Collect Purified Gems in Pokemon GO Shadow Raids

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

To help you defeat Shadow Raids, you can use Purified Gems. Purified Gems are items that you can use in your battle against a Shadow Raid Boss. This makes it easier to defeat them, and it also makes them more likely to be caught.

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To be specific, Purified Gems are items in Pokemon GO that you can use to reduce the attack and defense of the Pokemon in a Shadow Raid Battle. These items are important if you want to have an easier time winning in the Shadow Raids.

While the effects mentioned above are already great, there is more to that story. When the raid boss is enraged, you can use your Purified Gems to remove its enraged state on top of reducing its stats. Additionally, this effect will stack if other Trainers in the Shadow Raid Battle also use it. Each Trainer can use up to 5 Purified Gems in a Shadow Raid Battle.

Now that we have talked about how important it is, it is time for you to know how to get them. In this article, we will talk about how to collect Purified Gems in Pokemon GO.

Where to Get Purified Gems in Pokemon GO

An image of Shadow Shards on the left and Purified Gems on the right

In order to create a Purified Gem, you must collect Shadow Shards by defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and Giovanni in Pokemon Battles. They will drop Shadow Gem Pieces as part of your rewards for defeating them.

Once you collect 4 Shadow Shards, you can use the Shard Refiner to create 1 Purified Gem. Additionally, you can hold up to 10 Purified Gems at a time. It can be a valuable tool for defeating Shadow Raids. If you are having trouble defeating these difficult raids, be sure to stock up on them.

Once you have one, you can use it during a Shadow Raid. To do this, simply tap on the Purified Gem icon in the bottom left corner of the screen once it is available for use. This will reduce the attack and defense of the Shadow Pokemon, making it easier to defeat.

Now that you know how to get Purified Gems and how to use them, you will surely have an easier time in these raids. To have an easier time, invite as many friends as possible to join the raid with you. No man is an island, and a team is better than a single person.

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