How to Clean Your PS5 and Keep it That Way

How to Clean Your PS5 and Keep it That Way

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Here is a simple how-to for maintaining the cleanliness of your PS5. Dust build-up can cause problems for your PS5. This includes overheating and extremely loud fans (if you had a PS4 you know how loud it can get).  We’ll go through preventative measures to make sure dust doesn’t build up and how to clean your PS5 console for when it does.

Console Placement

It’s always better to prevent problems than to try to fix them. Therefore, if you want to keep your PS5 clean, you should put it somewhere where there won’t be any dust. In most cases, dust does build up over time, but it typically does so around windows, fans, rugs, and carpets. If you have pets, place them in harder-to-reach places.

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Additionally, you should put your PS5 in an area that is simple to set up and maintain. Placing your PS5 in a confined area of your TV unit makes it challenging to place and take out the console. Aside from that, it makes cleaning the area inconvenient as well. It’s also best to have the console in a well-ventilated area to not have the fans always at max as it tries to cool down the internals.

While the PS5 can be set vertically or horizontally, there’s no real difference in dust accumulation between the two, as per Sony. In our experience, it does seem to be the case.

Cleaning the PS5 Externals

Before cleaning, disconnect the console from power and place it on a hard and stable surface.

Cleaning the outside of your PS5 is quite straightforward following the guidelines from Sony. Regardless of whether it’s the Digital or Standard edition, use a microfiber cloth to clean the plastic covers and ports. If you don’t have microfiber, a soft dry cloth should do. While you’re at it, it is a good idea to clean your controllers and peripherals as well.

As for the usage of chemicals, it is generally not recommended to use any as it may discolor the system’s white plastic. However, in my experience, using isopropyl alcohol should be fine.

Cleaning the PS5 Internals

Thanks to Sony, this generation of PlayStation is easier to clean than ever. They designed the console to make it easier for end consumers to check for dust buildup and do cleaning on their own with little to no tools.

Similar to above, you’d want to disconnect and place the PS5 on a hard and stable surface.

First off, you start by removing the plastic covers from the PS5. Position your PS5 console so that the logo is facing up and the power button is facing away from you. Then, grip the bottom left corner of the cover and remove it by slightly pulling it up and to your right.

How to Clean Your PS5 Removing Cover

Once the covers are removed, use your microfiber cloth again to gently remove dust from any internal parts you see. After that, you should see two triangular-shaped plastics that are specifically designed to trap dust. You’d want to use a low-powered vacuum cleaner to remove any dust from the inside. You may also try to use a small brush to take out any dust that sticks out to fully clean the console.

If you want, you can also carefully pull out the fan to clean your PS5 console more thoroughly.

Once that’s done, simply snap back the plastic cover by sliding it on from right to left. You should hear a click when it’s firmly secured to the console.

How to Clean Your PS5 Putting Back Cover

Finishing Thoughts

I don’t often clean out the internals of my PS5 quite often. In my 3 years of ownership, I probably have cleaned it about 2 times only. As mentioned earlier, prevention is better than cure so I always place my console in a well-ventilated location which I regularly clean.  Nevertheless, that is how you clean your PS5 and keep it that way.

If you still experience any overheating or consistent loud fans from your PS5 even after cleaning, you may want to have it sent to Sony directly for assessment for further troubleshooting.

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