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How to Check Pokemon IV in Scarlet and Violet

How to Check Pokemon IV in Scarlet and Violet

    Last Updated on April 18, 2023

Pokemon IV, or Individual Values, are important to make your Pokemon the strongest it can be. IVs are your Pokemon’s base stat potential. The higher the IV, the higher the stat has the potential to be through leveling up

For each stat, a Pokemon will have a determined amount of IVs between zero and 31. Besides, hardcore fans already know about this because it has been a part of the franchise forever. In the latest installment, these are more important as the game gets harder as you progress. 

Additionally, IVs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are of more importance with the addition of the Raids. Tera Raids are battles with Terastralized Pokemon that require a team of four players. 

As you go deeper, higher-difficulty raids are made available with 7-Star Raids being the most difficult. Moreover, having a level 100 Pokemon is not enough to win these raids. You must have proper IVs and EVs to fully maximize your Pokemon’s strength. Now that you know its importance, it is time to know how to check IVs in Scarlet and Violet. 

How to Check Pokemon IV in Scarlet and Violet

Tera Pokemon Art

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a nifty feature wherein you will be able to check your Pokemon’s IVs. This will certainly help you identify which Pokemon you want to keep on your team. Gone are the days when you have to calculate stats to check your Pokemon’s IVs. 

To begin with, the feature I am talking about is the Judge Function. The Judge Function is an in-game tool that you can use to check IVs in Pokemon. 

However, this feature isn’t something you get by default at the start of the game. To start, unlocking the iv checker has requirements. You have to play the three main story arcs and finish the game.

That means you have to finish Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street. Of course, this includes having defeated the elite four. However, you must see through all of it until the credits roll to unlock the iv checker.

Once you have reached that point, you must go to any Pokemon center. The Pokemon Center’s nurse will tell you that the Judge Function is now unlocked. That is how to unlock the iv checker. 

How to Use Judge Function

Pokemon IV Stats

To use the Judge Function, simply open up your Boxes menu. Hit the Plus button on your controller while looking at one of your Pokemon. Doing this will make you cycle between several tabs. One of the tabs will display your Stats spread with some text beside every one of them.

The indicators will cover several categories, from “No Good” to “Best”. This means that your Pokemon has a range of possible IVs in a specific stat. Additionally, the categories have explanations, and here are each of them:

  • Best – 31
  • Fantastic – 30
  • Very Good – 26-29
  • Pretty Good – 16-25
  • Decent – 1-15
  • No Good – 0

The ideal IV spread for your Pokemon will be 31 for each stat, this means that it has perfect IVs. While that is an extremely rare occurrence, it is certainly doable. IVs are randomly generated when you catch or hatch a Pokemon. However, you can change it using the Hyper Training Function.

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