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How to Buy Riot Points in League of Legends

How to Buy Riot Points in League of Legends

    Last Updated on March 12, 2023

Riot Points (RP) is one of the main currencies in League of Legends, aside from Blue Essence (BE). You can also use RP to buy a number of things for your account. Even more, there are tons of ways to purchase them without the need for your credit card.

So, if you came here looking for a way to buy Riot Points, then you’ve come to the right place. Just remember, you need to buy RP with real-life currency. Don’t try to spend all your money in one place because the game still has Blue Essence to help you out.

What are RP and BE?

As we said earlier, Riot Points and Blue Essence are the main currencies for League of Legends. However, you can earn BE for free without using real-life money. You can also use both currencies to buy tons of loot in-game.

Firstly, you can use RP to buy in-game cosmetics known as Champion Skins. You can also use RP to buy your icons, battle passes, bundles, Eternals, and much more. It also includes Emotes that you can use to communicate with your team or your opponents. Make sure not to spam them.

However, you can only use Blue Essence to either buy champions, change your Summoner Name, or buy boosts. Check out this article to see the new price updates from Riot Games. It might seem confusing but it will all work out in the end.

How to Buy Riot Points?

Image of How to Purchase Riot Points
Screenshot of In-Game Client | By Dan Reyes

If you’re in the League of Legends client, you can simply buy Riot Points from the store. Once you’re in the store, click on the Purchase RP button. It will direct you to a small window where you can see your microtransaction options.
Once you arrive there, you can also choose options that don’t require your card details. You might have options like Gcash, Paypal, and more. Lastly, click Pay Now, and your purchase is complete. It will immediately show up in your account above the Blue Essence icon.

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