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How to Beat Yu Yevon in Final Fantasy X

How to Beat Yu Yevon in Final Fantasy X

    Last Updated on June 19, 2023

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X is filled to the brim with interesting confrontations and epic boss battles. One of which is the final encounter with the summoner of legends himself, Yu Yevon. In this article, we will be sharing some tips and battle strategies on how to beat Final Fantasy X’s final boss Yu Yevon. Additionally, we will also be outlining his background and in-game story for you to fully understand what makes him a threat to Tidus and the gang in the first place. Without further ado, here is how to beat Yu Yevon in Final Fantasy X.

Yu Yevon: Who is he? 

Yu Yevon, the leader of Zanarkand during its war with Bevelle, was a strong summoner who resided in the ancient city of Zanarkand a thousand years before the events of Final Fantasy X. He utilized his summoning abilities to construct the potent aeons to defend his city. Yu Yevon was the sole survivor when Bevelle ultimately destroyed Zanarkand.

Final Fantasy X Yu Yevon Backstory

Yu Yevon built Sin, a formidable monster that he deployed to torment Spira, the setting for Final Fantasy X, following the conflict. Sin was constructed to shield Spira from the machina’s influence, a technology that Bevelle developed and that Yu Yevon considered to be dangerous. Basically, Yu Yevon was responsible for the creation of what many thought was the game’s final adversary. That itself should speak volumes to how threatening Yu Yevon is in the context of the Final Fantasy X story.

And if that wasn’t enough, Yu Yevon also created the Hymn of the Fayth. It is a song that he used to bind the souls of the dead to Sin. This allowed him to keep Sin alive and to continue using it to protect Spira. However, the Hymn of the Fayth also had a dark side. It trapped the souls of the dead in a never-ending cycle of death and rebirth, and it slowly corrupted Yu Yevon’s own soul.

In the end, Yu Yevon was defeated by Tidus and his friends. However, his legacy continued to haunt Spira. The Hymn of the Fayth continued to be sung, and Sin continued to roam the world. It was not until the end of Final Fantasy X-2 that Sin was finally defeated for good.

A Hero Driven To Madness By Ambition

Yu Yevon Defeated

As with most memorable Final Fantasy characters, Yu Yevon is a complex and tragic villain. He was a powerful summoner who was driven by a desire to protect his people. However, his actions ultimately led to the creation of Sin, a monster that caused untold suffering. Yu Yevon is a reminder that even the best intentions can have unintended consequences.

Here are some additional particulars concerning Yu Yevon:

  • He served as the parent of Lady Yunalesca, the summoner who initially vanquished Sin.
  • He established the Yevon religion, which espouses the belief that Sin is a necessary evil safeguarding Spira against machina.
  • He possessed great expertise in summoning, enabling him to create formidable aeons like Ifrit, Shiva, and Bahamut.
  • He displayed tactical brilliance by utilizing his aeons to conquer Bevelle’s army.
  • He exhibited a cruel and merciless nature, willing to sacrifice lives in pursuit of his objectives.

Yu Yevon, a captivating character, assumes a significant role in Final Fantasy X. He is a multifaceted and tragic individual driven by a desire to protect his people, although his actions ultimately lead to the emergence of Sin. Yes, his desire to protect his people is commendable. However, the way he approached it is just plain wrong. Empathize with him or not, Yu Yevon is a formidable foe that you should never treat lightly. And with that, let us now proceed to how to beat him in the game.

How to Beat Yu Yevon

Yu Yevon is the final boss of Final Fantasy X. He is a powerful summoner who is able to use his aeons to attack the party. He is also able to cast powerful spells, such as Gravija, which can instantly kill a party member.

Here are some tips for defeating Final Fantasy X’s final boss:

  • Make sure your party is at a high level. Yu Yevon is a very powerful boss, and you will need all the help you can get.
  • Bring a variety of aeons with you. Yu Yevon is weak to certain aeons, so it is important to bring a variety of aeons with you so that you can exploit his weaknesses.
  • Use your overdrives wisely. Overdrives are powerful attacks that can deal a lot of damage to Yu Yevon. Use them wisely to take down his HP quickly.
  • Keep your party healed. The final boss can deal a lot of damage, so it is important to keep your party healed. Use healing spells and items to keep your party alive.
  • Be patient. Yu Yevon is a tough boss, but he is not impossible to defeat. Be patient and keep attacking, and you will eventually defeat him.

Battle Strategies

Final Fantasy X Final Boss Encounter

Before we begin, it is worth pointing out that the battle with Yu Yevon is very different compared to other epic boss fights in the game, and in the Final Fantasy series, as a whole. For one, you cannot lose in this boss battle. Unless you go out of your way and self-inflict status effects, then you won’t ever encounter the Game Over screen here. You cannot lose this battle, as you have a permanent Auto-Life. Nevertheless, it is still a great boss encounter that requires certain strategies to finish.

The final boss battle against Yu Yevon comprises three phases, each with its own effective battle strategies that you should pay attention to. Let us discuss each of them briefly below.

Phase 1: Aeons

In the first phase of the boss encounter, Yu Yevon will summon several aeons to do his bidding. After all, he is a summoner just like Yuna. Take note that each aeon he uses to attack you has its own elemental weakness. This is a crucial part of the encounter as you can use your own aeons to purposefully counter him. For example, Ifrit is weak to water, so using aeons that have water attacks easily defeat it. 

Another thing to point out is that the aeons he will use are the same as with what Yuna has at her disposal. So, you should already be acquainted with their strengths and weaknesses.

Phase 2: Yu Yevon Himself

After defeating his aeons, Yu Yevon himself will step into the battlefield. In this phase, the boss will use his own attacks against you. Mind you, they all hit like a truck, so you better have several healing options before heading into battle. He is particularly weak to physical attacks, so try your best to hit him with it as much as you can.

One thing to keep a look eye on is his overpowered Gravija spell. If you are hit by Gravija, you will be inflicted with the Doom status effect. This, in turn, instantly kills you after a short period. Notably, only Phoenix Down or Candle of Life can cure the Doom status effect. In that case, we recommend that you just let the Doomed party member fall before immediately reviving him or her. 

Phase 3: Final Form

Once you’ve dealt enough damage to Yu Yevon in the second phase, he will enter his final phase. In this phase, the fallen summoner will use his most powerful attacks. He is still weak to physical attacks, so you should continue to focus on attacking him with physical attacks. Basically, you just have to tough it out on this phase. Just do what you have been doing from the previous phase and always be alert regarding his attack patterns. After a while, Yu Yevon should fall down and the ending credits should roll.

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