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How to Beat the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to Beat the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

    Last Updated on May 28, 2023

Do you want to beat the Gym Leaders of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? The latest installment of Pokemon, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, allows you to explore the world of Paldea in any order. This also includes the eight regional gyms required to take on Victory Road

However, the level of the gym leader’s Pokemon will not change based on the player’s level. Because of this, some gym battles might be too challenging if you face them early on. Even though it is an open-world game, gym leaders won’t adjust for you.

Before figuring out the proper order of facing them, here are some tips to make your life easier:

Tips & Tricks to Fight Gym Leaders

  1. Know your opponent: Before challenging a Gym Leader, you should research their specialty and the type of Pokemon they use. You can find this information online or by talking to NPCs in the game. Once you know the type of Pokemon they use, you can start building a team that counters their Pokemon’s weaknesses.
  2. Level up your team: Gym Leaders are often tough opponents, so you’ll want to make sure your Pokemon are at a high enough level to compete. This means regularly training your team and making sure they have the right moves and abilities to take on the Gym Leader’s Pokemon.
  3. Build a balanced team: A well-balanced team is key to beating Gym Leaders. You should have a mix of Pokemon that can take hits, deal damage, and have moves that are effective against the Gym Leader’s Pokemon. A good team will have a mix of different types of Pokemon that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Use items wisely: During battles, it’s important to use items like potions and revives to keep your Pokemon healthy. However, you don’t want to waste these items too early in the battle, as you might need them later on. Keep an eye on your Pokemon’s health and use items strategically.
  5. Exploit weaknesses: Knowing your opponent’s weaknesses is crucial to beating them. You should use moves that are super effective against their Pokemon, and avoid using moves that are weak against them. This will help you deal more damage and take down their Pokemon faster.
  6. Be patient: Beating Gym Leaders can take time, so don’t rush the battle. Take your time and think through each move carefully. Don’t be afraid to switch out Pokemon if one isn’t working, and try to anticipate your opponent’s next move.
  7. Practice, practice, practice: Finally, the best way to beat Gym Leaders is through practice. Keep challenging them, and don’t be discouraged if you lose a few times. Each loss is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your strategy for the next battle.

Cortondo Gym – Bug-Type

Pokemon Leader Katy

You should start with the Bug-Type Gym in Cortondo, led by Katy. Players will face Katy’s three Pokémon: Nymble (Level 14), Tarountula (Level 14), and a Teddiursa (Level 15) with a Bug Tera Type. 

Ideal Pokémon to fight Bug-Type are Fire, rock type, and flying type. Players should remember that Katy’s final Pokémon, a Teddiursa, is a Normal-Type Pokémon with the special Bug Tera Type.

Artazon Gym – Grass-Type

The Grass-Type Gym located in Artazon is the best gym for you to take on second when completing Victory Road. Players will be battling Brassius’ three Pokémon: Petilil (Level 16), Smoliv (Level 16), and Sudowoodo (Level 17) with a Grass Tera Type. 

Players looking to easily defeat Grass-Type Pokémon should have a team featuring Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, or Bug-Types. In addition, players should be aware that Brassius’ final Pokémon, Sudowoodo, is a Rock-Type with a Grass Tera Type.

Levincia Gym – Electric-Type

Image of Electric Type Gym Leader

The third gym players should set their sights on is Iono’s Electric-Type Gym in Levincia. Players will face four Pokémon: Wattrel (Level 23), Bellibolt (Level 23), Luxio (Level 23), and Mismagius (Level 24) with an Electric Tera Type. Players looking to defeat Iono should have a team featuring strong Ground-type Pokémon to defeat the Electric-Type gym.

Cascarrafa Gym – Water-Type

Pokemon Leader Kofu

The fourth gym that players should focus on is the Water-Type Gym in Cascarrafa, led by Kofu. Players will face the following Pokémon: Veluza (level 29), Wugtrio (Level 29), and Crabominable (Level 30) with a Water Tera Type.

Players should make sure to have the appropriate level Grass- and Electric-Type Pokémon when taking on Kofu. 

Medali Gym – Normal-Type

After completing the Cascarrafa Gym, players should head to the Normal-Type Gym in Medali, led by Larry. Players will face Larry’s three Pokémon: Komala (Level 35), Dundunsparce (Level 35), and Staraptor (Level 36) with a Normal Tera Type. 

In addition, players will need to ensure that they have a few good fighting-type Pokémon on their team because this is the only type with an advantage against Normal-Type Pokémon.

Montenevera Gym – Ghost-Type

The sixth gym that players should take on is the Ghost-Type Gym in Montenevera and its gym leader Ryme. Players will face four Pokémon: Mimikyu (Level 41), Banette (Level 41), Houndstone (Level 41), and Toxtricity (Level 42) with a Ghost Tera Type. Players looking to defeat Ryme should have a team of strong Ghost- and Dark-Type Pokémon

Alfornada Gym – Psychic-Type

The Psychic-Type Gym in Alfornada is the second-from-last gym that players should attempt to defeat to complete Victory Road. It is run by Gym Leader Tulip, who will face players with four powerful Psychic-Type Pokemon: Farigiraf (Level 44), Espathra (Level 44), Gardevoir (Level 44), and Florges (Level 45), all with a Psychic Tera Type.

The best way to take on Tulip and her team is to use Bug, Ghost, and Dark-Type Pokemon. Make sure to have some tanky Pokemon with high Sp. Def to withstand Tulip’s powerful psychic attacks.

Glaseado Gym – Ice-Type

The final gym that you will take on in Paldea is the Ice-Type Gym in Glaseado. This gym is led by Grusha, who has a team of four Ice-Type Pokemon: Frosmoth (Level 47), Beartic (Level 47), Cetitan (Level 47), and Altaria (Level 48) with an Ice Tera Type.

To defeat Grusha, players will need to bring strong Fire, Fighting, Rock, or Steel-Type Pokemon to the battle. These types are also strong against Ice-Type Pokemon and can deal significant damage in battle.

It’s also important to watch out for Grusha’s Altaria, which has Dragon-Type moves that can be devastating to many types of Pokemon.

Once you defeat all of the gym leaders, the only obstacles that stand in your way to becoming a Champion are the Elite Four. After you have bested them, you will then have finished the Victory Road storyline. 

While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have multiple storylines to choose from, becoming a Pokemon Champion is still the best experience. Becoming the Best Pokemon Trainer is undoubtedly the most satisfying accomplishment, and it comes second to none. 

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