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How to Aggro Dota Creeps?

How to Aggro Dota Creeps?

    Last Updated on March 28, 2023

Dota 2 has layers of complexity that other MOBAs cannot hope to have— especially with Dota creeps. Some of these are leftover designs from DotA that could be fixed in Dota 2. The seamless structure of Dota 2 had obvious improvements over the Warcraft 3 mod. 

One of these is DotA’s unit collision mechanics that made pathing awkward in the old days. Icefrog could make the change of no-collision easy, but he understood its fundamental place in the game.

Another thing that carried over is the aggro acquisition of lane creeps. Creeps in Dota 2 need the presence of an enemy to catch their aggression. This manipulation of the creeps leads to some interesting situations in the laning phase. 

Most of them are beneficial to your laning, but the same thing can be done by the enemy. Foresight and creativity win the laning phase when it comes to Creep Control. So how can we control Dota 2 creeps in the lane as well?

Understanding Aggro of Dota 2 Creeps

The act of getting creep aggression of aggro is possible through a few factors. One factor that most players utilize is the act of right-clicking enemy heroes while near creeps. This action makes the creeps follow you for a few moments before their aggro is reset. During this period of creep aggro, the creeps follow you anywhere, so long as they have Vision of you. Players make use of this to create better situations for their lanes.

Another part is the interactions of neutral creeps with the game. Some neutral creeps have inherent skills that trigger specific scenarios. The Centaur creep uses its stomp when 3 heroes are nearby, and the ogres slam their clubs when a hero is nearby. Exploiting these mechanics can push you ahead of the enemy. Make sure to read well on these mechanics to find out other things that could be useful for your game experience.

Making Moves in the Lane

Putting your lane in a favorable position is the goal to strive towards. In this delicate stage of the game, any advantage is welcomed, more so if that advantage is easy to gain. Supports pull their creeps into neutral camps to weaken them, and make the enemy wave advance. 

This places the equilibrium in a favorable position for the puller. The idea of pulling is to deny gold and exp from the enemy, placing your chances higher towards winning.

When the matchup between heroes is unfavorable, supports opt to pull enemy creeps behind their tower. This goes back to the main goal of gaining an advantage in gold and experience for the cores. 

Intervening in an enemy pull by dragging them away from the neutrals is a hard thing to do. The things you end up doing in the laning stage make waves later on, so make the creep manipulations count! Also, remember to hit creeps only when you last hit them!

Dota 2 is generous in giving players opportunities to have an edge over their opponents. The only thing that sets the winners apart from the losers is creativity– especially with Dota creeps.

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