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How to Add Friends in Overwatch 2

How to Add Friends in Overwatch 2

    Last Updated on June 2, 2023

If you can look past the heavy fan backlash, you’d find Overwatch 2 as a fun multiplayer hero shooter that you can easily play for hours nonstop. More so if you have a couple of friends to experience its brilliance with you. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know about how to add friends in Overwatch 2 and

Add Friends in Overwatch 2: Sending/Accepting Friend Requests

Thankfully, Overwatch 2 has a simple and streamlined friends system. It is so easy to understand and navigate, that children can do it! However, take note that the process may differ depending on which gaming system you are currently playing on. For this article, we will be talking about Overwatch 2 on PC. Well, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Just follow these simple steps and you’d already be good to go:

  • STEP 1: Go to the Overwatch 2 main menu and locate your name on the top right side of the menu.
How to Add Friends in Overwatch 2 | Step 1
  • STEP 2: Hover your mouse pointer next to your name on the right and click on the social button.
How to Add Friends in Overwatch 2 | Step 2
  • STEP 3: There, you should see your current friends, whether they are online or not, and an ‘Add Friend’ option. Click on it.
How to Add Friends in Overwatch 2 | Step 33
  • STEP 4: Next, input the ID of the user you want to add as a friend. This includes the numbers after the hashtag as seen on their BattleTags.
  • STEP 5: Simply press send request and wait for them to accept.

As soon as they accept your friend request, you should see them on your friends list as mentioned above. Now, if you want to invite them to a party and play with them as a group, simply press the plus sign button that appears right next to their BattleTag.

Assuming that they accept your party invite, they will appear in your lobby. Now, you can play rounds together. Just search for matches and you should now be able to play together. 

As for accepting friend requests yourself, well, it is much easier. You simply have to check your friends list and any friend request from any user should appear there. All you have to do next is to accept or reject their request.

The Process Using 

Alternatively, you can also add friends without opening the game itself just yet. On, where Overwatch 2 PC is exclusively on, you should see your friends list on the right of the main screen immediately after logging in. At the bottom of it, you should see if you have any pending friend requests. There, you accept or reject requests just as you would above.

Basically, how to add friends in Overwatch 2 using is the same as adding friends in-game. All you need to do is to click the Add a Friend option and do the same process as mentioned above. 

That said, adding friends via is more flexible than doing so in-game. This is because not only can you add friends using their BattleTags, but you can also use their email addresses or in-game name. Heck! You can even add friends through Facebook!

Here are the ways you can add friends on

  • By BattleTag: A BattleTag is a unique identifier for each account. To find a friend’s BattleTag, ask them for it directly.
  • By Real ID: Real ID is a feature that allows you to connect your account to your Facebook account. If your friend has linked their account to Facebook, you can find their Real ID by searching for them on Facebook.
  • By email address: If you know your friend’s email address, you can add them as a friend by entering their email address in the “Add a Friend” dialog box.

Well, that is basically it for how to add friends in Overwatch 2. Now go out there and be the hero the world needs! Dominate the Ranked matches with your friends. The game is definitely more fun with such.

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