Guide to Killjoy Fracture Setups

Guide to Killjoy Fracture Setups

    Last Updated on March 2, 2023

In this article, we will talk about the Killjoy Fracture Setups. Since Killjoy is pushed back in the meta after the Chamber nerfs, it is time to once again study her setups.

Killjoy is an Agent who can come in handy while battling it out on maps like Fracture in Valorant. Although the map itself is somewhat small compared to some of the others, the two bomb sites have multiple entries. 

Multiple entry points make things difficult for defenders. That is where Killjoy chimes in. In Valorant, Killjoy’s kit is centered around laying traps to improve the team’s defenses. 

Swarm Grenade, Alarm Bot, and Turret are crucial in creating setups to have an edge over the other team. Being a Sentinel, the German tech whiz can easily use her gadgets to booby-trap all the entry points into the sites, making it rather difficult for the enemy to push on the attack. 

Keeping all of this in mind, it is time to learn about the Killjoy Fracture Setup. Want to win more games as Killjoy? This is the first step in doing that. 

While these setups are great, feel free to be more creative and mix things up. Just make sure that you do not stay in one place for every round so you will not get pinpointed by the enemies. 

A Site Setup

Image of A-Site Fracture

Over the last few updates, the A site on Fracture has undergone some changes. That, however, does not affect the setups on this site at all. 

When you are entering the site from A Main, drop a grenade at the entrance to the site itself.

Make your way to the top of the site and place your turret in the rear right corner. That should cover the area from A Link and A Rope. 

The second grenade can be placed at the base of A Drop itself and finally, the Alarmbot can be placed at A Rope.

After you have placed all your gadgets, head to Site A and then hide under the platform in the rear right corner. That should give you enough cover, and allow you to trigger the grenades when the time is right.

B Site Killjoy Fracture Setups

Killjoy Fracture Setups for B-Site

Valorant players understand that Fracture as a map is great for Killjoy setups on A site.

While B Site might not be as good as A Site in this regard, there are plenty of opportunities that one can create with her abilities.

This setup on the B site would have one Swarm Grenade at the bottom of the stairs and one on the second stair from the top. 

The Alarm bot can be placed on the right, hugging the wall next to the first Molly. 

Coupled with that, the Turret can be placed on the generator. The turret can cover multiple areas with this placement, and it will not be destroyed that easily at the start.

This setup is mainly for gathering information instead of kills, as the Turret can help mark the direction of the opponents. 

For this setup, players must position themselves close to the wall behind the green boxes.

This setup can mark opponents coming upstairs, moving from Arcade to Tower or Arcade to Site. Players must try and isolate the fight downstairs.  If you liked this guide, read more of them on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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