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Greninja Comes Back to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Greninja Comes Back to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Greninja is a Pokémon from Gen VI and proves to be one of the most popular Pokemon ever. The favorite monster even won Google’s “Pokemon of the Year” competition back in 2020. 

Greninja Pokemon Violet and Scarlet is the final evolved form of the starter Pokemon Froakie. It played a massive role in the game’s accompanying anime. Greninja even played a pivotal part in Ash’s team throughout the anime. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s next 7-Star Tera Raid event is the Greninja 7-Star Raid. The Tera Raid event will be the only way players like you can get it in the newest Pokemon game. The event will run from January 27th through the 29th, and then again on February 10th through the 12th.

Similar to the past events wherein we saw Charizard and Cinderace, players will only be able to catch one per game. Greninja will have the Mightiest Mark, and it will have a Poison Tera Type.

Tera Type 

Tera types are a new addition to the Pokemon series, and the new feature has added a new layer of strategy. Even more, Pokemon found in Scarlet and Violet have a Tera type that matches their main type. 

For example, Sprigatito, Pokemon Scarlet would have a Grass Tera Type. However, players can change a Pokemon’s Tera Type, or randomly find Pokemon with a Tera Type different from its main type. 

It requires 50 Tera Shards to change a Pokemon’s Tera Type. So, any opportunity to snag a Pokemon with a unique Tera Type is quite welcome. Fans will also have to decide if a Poison Tera Type Greninja will fit in with the rest of their team. But, it does make for an interesting combination!

7-Star Greninja Raid Guide

Image of Greninja

The biggest reward from conquering this raid is the opportunity to catch Greninja The Unrivaled itself. Keep in mind that you can only catch it once per saved file. The Lv. 100 Greninja will have a Hidden Ability, max IVs in every stat, and the unique Mightiest Mark. This is why it has the title of Greninja the Unrivaled.

Greninja is likely to have access to the powerful Water Shuriken move. It may also potentially have the Battle Bond Ability which powers it up even further. We recommend using Pokemon that are immune to Water Type moves. 

There are many Water immunity granting Abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including Water Absorb, Storm Drain, and Dry Skin. If you combine this with a Ground Type Pokemon that can deal super-effective damage to the Poison Tera Greninja you have a winning formula.

Although Poison is weak to Psychic and Ground Type moves, Greninja can deal STAB super effective damage to these two types with its Water and Dark Type moves, so only use them in conjunction with an immunity granting ability.

I wish you the best of luck in catching the ninja frog we all know and love. That concludes it for this article, make sure to read the other articles we currently have on our website. 

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